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Knife mechanisms Vol 1 and 2 books review

Aldolebonze Jan 2, 2019

  1. Aldolebonze

    Aldolebonze knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Hi everyone,

    today it is not a knife review but a book review on knife mechanims by LeRoi Price.
    These 2 books are really full of information about how the knives work.
    I really liked the technical explanation of each mechanism, it reminded me of my lessons in mechanics and industrial design.
    The 2 books give a rather complete overview of what is happening in the knife-making sector.
    In the 2nd one there is especially an explanation on balisongs, which is nice since they are not very well represented except on our community.:helix:
    It is also good to understand how an OTF works without having to dismantle it.:chuck:

    I really love these books for the ideas they bring to knife making.
    The author really did a monumental work to write these books and they are really worth a look.

    I found the first one on usaknifemaker and the second one on knifekits.

    For all those who like knives, don't hesitate.:yuna:



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