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Knife Giveaway

bwhitaker Aug 13, 2019

  1. bwhitaker

    bwhitaker Average member

    Hey There -

    Looking to give away a few knives / stones. All I ask is to be e-mailed a shipping label. To calculate shipping cost to you my zipcode is 96701, Weight 12 lb., box size 19x10x9. Take a look at USPS Click and Ship.

    Onto the knives:
    1. KA-BAR 1211
    2. KA-BAR Tanto (No stamped number)
    3. KA-BAR 1221 (Non Serrated)
    4. Buck 119
    5. Knife with "Silver Stag" mark. Looks like the Silver Stag Pacific Bowie.
    6. Knife with "Edge Mark Solingen Germany" mark. Reverse side shows 485.
    7. Dagger Knife with "Linder 440 Dager Solingen German 440 Stanless Inox Rostfrei" mark. Mirror polished.
    8. Dagger Knife with "Western USA 777 Stainless".
    9. Spyderco Ceramic Whet Stone Medium Grit.
    10. DMT Diamond Whetstone.

    Knives are in serviceable condition but no means "mint" or LNIB. Sorry the photos are kinda crappy.

    First person to post in this thread "I'll take it" gets all of it. Don't want to separate items. We can finalize the shipping details via pm. Please check the shipping cost prior to accepting this offer. It's about $50 for USPS Priority Mail from me to Jersey City. Once again, all I need is an e-mailed shipping label and I'll drop it at the post office for you.

    Group photo below. Individual photos are available here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bwhitaker/albums/72157710294555887

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  2. nocheese4u

    nocheese4u Notch'yo' cheese! JDBA Official Member

    ill take it if still available
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  3. bwhitaker

    bwhitaker Average member

    It's available. Sorry I haven't checked back in for a bit. I'll PM you my e-mail and shipping info. Thanks!
  4. Steel City Forge

    Steel City Forge Tiny Member Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Got any left!

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