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Kitchen Knives

Rene E. Roy Dec 23, 2006

  1. Rene E. Roy

    Rene E. Roy knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Who makes good Kitchen knives....?
  2. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool


    Very difficult Question.

    The problem is--What is a Good Kitchen Knife?

    Most of the Hardcore Kitchen Knife Folks now say that there are none that are Good--unless they are japanese.

    These folks seem to all want a very hard knife that will hold it's edge a very very long time . The trade-off is that they are very very difficult to sharpen for the average user.(Actually Impossible)

    They also -- because they are all 61 to 65 rc--are easy to Chip or Micro-Chip--even on Stale Bread.

    These hard edged knives are available in Both Traditional and Western Styles and seem to have taken over the High End of the Market.

    Prices seem to be in the $150.00 to $600.00 Range Per Knife.

    There is one Brand of American Knives--I can't think of the name but I'll find out for You--That are made from D-2 and are in the 59-60 Range of hardness.

    Aside from that--You are dealing with the German Stuff that is more like 55-56rc.

    The German Style knives are still the number one with Professional Chef's because they will take a beating and are easy to re-sharpen.

    You won't chip them if you accidentally hit them on the Sink or Counter top. You also Won't have a heart attack if one of the Apprentices picks up your knife.

    This may surprise you but--If you are not going to get one of the expensive japanese Knives--You might as well go to Wal-Mart and get a set of their Chinese $8.00 Wonder Knives and Just be prepared to sharpen them after each heavy use.

    Until I make one for Myself--I will continue to use the Cheap Ones.

    I suggest:

    A Large Chef--about an 8 or 9 inch

    A Santoku--about a 7 inch

    A Paring knife--under 4 inches

    Those three sizes will handle most chores and I know that you already know how to sharpen and touch up the edge of Knives.

    I changed the Factory Blunt Edges to a convex that is actually is about a 10 degree terminal and have no problem doing extra extra fine work and still can Horse them on larger tasks.

    I just give them a Strop on Black and Green Before I use them.

    It restores the Edge and takes off any micro-oxidation that may have built up while they were sitting the drawer.

    Let me know if I can help in any Way.

  3. Kura

    Kura The Devil’s bloodline

    I have a set of cutco had them for years always sharp always do the job but they do cost a lot.
  4. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    With All do Respect--Your CutCo's are Very Good knives for the Average user because they are 440A Steel at 52 to 55 Rockwell and Easy to sharpen.

    They really have no Advantage over much cheaper knives.

    I could be wrong on that so I'll defer to Your experience.

  5. Kura

    Kura The Devil’s bloodline

    I don't know though compared to all my other brands they are sharper and I have never sharpened them. I have them for about 7 years and they still perform very well. Though the price is a bit high. I have some japanese knives all hand crafted etc etc that I bought at blade they cost a lot more but the cutcos appear to work just as well.
    The only real reason I bought them was my sons' girfriend at that time was a cutco rep but all and all they have lived up to their claims.
  6. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    That is a Very Good Reason to Buy them.

  7. xrayzebra

    xrayzebra whirling dervish

    Cutco is a reasonably priced substitute for knives costing about twice as much or cheap knives costing about one fourth the price.

    The main thing with kitchen knives, regardless of cost or quality, is that you have to take care of them. Like anything else. There's no knife technology that is without care and maintenance concern.

    If you toss them in the drawer loose with everything else, and wash them in the dishwasher, they all go dull. If you store them in a block, keep them clean, don't abuse them, and give them a frequent easy stroke, they'll all do the chores. With the expensive hard steel Japanese ones, they might work a little better at first, but once you dull or damage them, they're not better that a dull cheap knife.
  8. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    I guess I'm just nut but - Why do we as Knife enthusiasts feel that it's perfectly O.K. to have Cheap Junk in Our Kitchens and Neglect and Abuse them?

    Kitchen Knives are Knives that You actually--USE--Not just look at or carry to be cool.

    They are Workers--they make stuff--they get hands on use--Everyday.

    Somebody Help me Here.

    I'm Confused.

    You would Spend $450.00 on a Strider with Racing Stripes--that was made for Killing Sentry's--that you will never do--and You think Cutco's Are Expensive--or even Good Knives.

    I'm Totally Confused.

    Is it because You don't Cook ?

    Is it because You don't ever Eat at home ?

    Sorry--I'm Lost on a Forum that is all about some of the best--most expensive knives--made today--by Anyone.

    Cutco--Are You Fucking Kidding Me ?
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  9. Kura

    Kura The Devil’s bloodline

    and your recomendation is?

    I don't eat at home that oftenand and no I don't cook much but when I do I have no problem cutting

    and I would not buy a $450 strider
  10. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    I probably need to back out of this thread as gracefully as possible.

    I'm at a total Loss.

    Sorry--Can't even Discuss Cutco.

    I apologize for making a Fuss.
  11. Kura

    Kura The Devil’s bloodline

    without your recomendations?
  12. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    hell I have a basic block of everedge Henkels japanese ones. I am :lame:. I wish I could tell you that I have my Mom's set of cutco knives from prolly the early 60s-70s and they are still in REALLY good shape. wood handled and still sharp.

    you all know I dont sharpen very well.

    Mike, no backing out allowed! tell us who makes good ones! I like racing striped kitchen knives too!

    :firedevil :bwah:
  13. C.Pettersen

    C.Pettersen Knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Ah break down and get a custom set made up. :jdwink2:

    I am in the mix of a special set of custom kitchen knives, commisioned by a customer. He has about 6 or 7 of his favorite knifemakers making a knife for this set. Each with their own style. He shipped me the handle material as well as to the other makers, so each blade will have the same handle material and pins.

    Hopefully in 2007 he will have all the knives completed and ready for use. I plan on starting his in late January early Febuary.

    Hey at least if you got a route like this, you get what you want in a kitchen knife set. Not stuff you realy dont need. It's about how you plan to use the knives. If you are serious in the kitchen, then spend the money and get a quality set......

    Otherwise........Head off to the local Meglo-Mart or Try-N-Save store.......and get a mid priced set / top of the line set that suits your needs.

    The bottom line is, you get what you pay for.
  14. watercrawl

    watercrawl Enormous member

    Essentially you can't go wrong with anything from www.japanesechefsknife.com and/or www.korin.com. Mac also makes some acceptable kitchen knives. Much better than anything made in the western world unless you get ahold of a Carter or some other custom makers.

    The gyuto is the most similar shape to the western chef's knife. The santoku has become a very popular shape as of late and a lot of people find it a handy shape. The gyuto doesn't have as much belly as it's western counterparts.

    I could go on for pages about the advantages and such, but I guess that's enough for now.

    BTW, Cutco is not a very good knife at all. Overpriced, well sold, but way too soft to be acceptable.

    This topic was cross posted to the Kitchen subforum at knifeforums.com. We talk about kitchen knives all day long. If you have any questions, that would be a great place to start asking.
  15. Spufnik

    Spufnik Total devotee

    Welcome to our forum watercrawl:welcome:

    And somebody is getting :nutkick: 'cause Mike said Fuck again :devilzeek
  16. Tinysd

    Tinysd Skull Cracker Brigade Member

    Blood grooves are a must!:signhere::bwah:
    Mr.LaBella likes this.
  17. Spufnik

    Spufnik Total devotee

    I think the answer would not be Cutco but I am only guessing at this :tard:
  18. Clydetz

    Clydetz Forever straight and true Brigade Member

    Just checked what was in the kitchen drawer in the way of knives. I inherited a 3 knife set of Foster Bros. knives of which I rarely use. They aren't very sharp but worked fine for what I cut (flank steak)... may be my next sharpening job. I'm not sure but I remember my father saying one of his cousins was a butcher and he gave my father some of his used knives... these may be them.
  19. Dr Mabuse

    Dr Mabuse Set your motherfucker to "receive"

    i have a block of Wustof Trident and a Block of Henkels pro 4 star, the original REAL quality line from Solingen, if you look at any knife's edge from either block too long you'll have a cut on your cornea...

    I want a damn racing stripe Strider fixed blade too... been wanting that 'rambo' crap lately... and that coating will make that blade cut like shit, but i'll never use the damn thing anyway, i already have like a hundred knives i'd use before it that i'll never use...

    i like my BLUED blades, that certain people were talking about recently, :madaddy: , AHEM...

    and yes, i'll second the "Cutco, are you fucking kidding me?"... freakin' blasphemy to even mention that crap on a self-respecting knife forum...

    mike you just got bumped up in my "who's cool" list...
  20. Kura

    Kura The Devil’s bloodline

    To be clear I am not supporting cutco, just happen to have them as I stated it was one of those ok leave me alone I'll buy the damn things moments and they were way over priced...but they still work

    I think as suggested to make a list of specific knives is a great idea rather than buying a full set. So you can then get what you can use and spend the money on just a few instead of wasting money on all those other knives you never pick up.

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