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Kershaw Launch 11?

Benyounkz Mar 27, 2020

  1. Benyounkz

    Benyounkz Little Member

    With all the new Launches from Kershaw being released I noticed a lot of different blade shapes and Cali legal ones. I personally didn’t really dig em a whole lot but I really liked the launch 11 which is smaller just not like some of its predecessors. Also it’s a very clean and simple knife imo. Anyway wondering if anyone picked one up yet or had any thoughts? Here’s some pics.
    55EB7EF2-529B-4D26-A682-C5D970ED4C22.jpeg C4792F91-99D1-46B8-B500-C5C41EFB58F7.jpeg
  2. Brian_W204

    Brian_W204 Enormous member

    I like it. Not a bad size for EDC for a lot of people, and both the handle and blade shape looks like it'll be easy to hold and use.

    I have all of the Launch models 1 through 8. They are priced right, use top-quality materials, and fit & finish is very good. The only quality issue I know of is the "lock bounce" (failure to lock open because the blade bounces off the stop pin) which seems to affect the larger models and I believe is due to the springs, and possibly a design problem rather than a manufacturing defect. However, I still maintain they aren't serious about automatics until the put a safety on it, and none will make it into my pocket as a user before then.
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  3. Benyounkz

    Benyounkz Little Member

    Thanks for your input, I own a Launch 6 and I believe blade bounce is a manufacturing error. It’s a fairly simple issue the spring tension doesn’t follow all the to the open position therefore when the spring releases tension the blade comes out and hits the stop pin with no tension behind it. In summary the spring doesn’t have enough pressure. Back to the Launch 11 has the issue been fixed in the 8-12 Launch line?

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