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Kershaw 1725CB junkyard dog 2

Luis Jan 22, 2020

  1. Luis

    Luis Little Member

    I saw this knife in person and had the pleasure of using it! Its an Amazing EDC knife. I wouldn't mind one for work. Too bad they are discontinued..i wonder why..it was extremely popular from what i understand...anyone have experience with this knife.?
  2. Kansaswoodguy

    Kansaswoodguy Tiny Member

    I don’t have one but have been very close to buying either it or the Rake in CB a few times they look like something I’d like but then I find a Blur I can’t live without and there goes my knife budget to zero agian.
  3. cadjak

    cadjak Average member

    I edc a JYD 2. I bought two of the "blems" , back in the day, from KershawGuy on Bladeforums. Amazing knife and I have yet to find why they were marked as "blem", and believe me I've looked closely at both of mine.
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