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Juggernog fridge!

Crybaby Jun 10, 2021

  1. Crybaby

    Crybaby Little Member

    Hello again devil's I'm back with another project I've been working on! I love call of duty zombies and decided I would go out and make a jugg fridge just because the perks have always so cool to me. Recently I went out and actually found a fridge manufactured from 1958 for $225! I was extremely excited to start working on this project. first I had sanded the whole fridge down to take off any dust and dirt off. Then I had the plate on the left of the door taken off. After putting Bondo of the logo on the front in order to flatten it out to give it the best look I decided it was time to being painting it. Painting was pretty self explanatory and simple I decided to use spray paint and used Painters tape to separate the colors and so far I think I've done a decent job with what I've been given but I still have some hand painted letters and a headlight to do. Let me know what you guys think and I'm definitely open to any thoughts, ideas and suggestions! IMG_20210609_172745_876.jpg IMG_20210609_172745_909.jpg 20210609_022450.jpg 20210609_013926.jpg IMG_20210609_172745_951.jpg 20210603_214015.jpg 20210603_214022.jpg

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