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Jim Horn Signature Series Alaskan Blacks Creek Outfitters

HotrodKelley Jun 5, 2021

  1. HotrodKelley

    HotrodKelley Brigade Member Brigade Member

    AF4239AD-A562-4951-B5D0-9061D0487B6A.jpeg 40CF8786-0D99-4148-AD1B-5F34F63BC6F9.jpeg B8D3D85F-AEC0-40AC-85F4-04479E9E3C0B.jpeg Hello Devils. I have a basically new, never hunted with, or used Jim Horn Signature Series Alaskan hunting pack by Blacks Creek Outfitters. I bought this pack to use for camping/hiking, but I got old and never did. I have had this stored away in a large tote all this time and figure one of you out west guys might be able to use it bow hunting or rifle hunting.
    I bought this new, and it has as CD or dvd with it that explains the pack-I never watched it. Here’s some specs, and there’s some info online about it.

    * Expanding quarter pocket
    * Coat-carrying bungee
    * Adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt
    * H20 compatible
    * Covered zippers
    * Spotting scope pocket
    * Bow carrier
    * Rifle carrier
    * Hunter orange pack cover
    * 3000 cubic inches; expands to 4000 cubic inches

    $125 USPS Priority Shipping with signature confirmation included.

    PAYMENT: Money order, cashiers check, personal check, PayPal. If you use PayPal the amount needs to be $125 NET.
    Thanks for looking.
    Message me with your email if interested in better pics. I can’t figure out loading pics on this site. I’m lucky I got these on here.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2021

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