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Jerzee Devil MC club first meet and Ride???

begreen61 Feb 22, 2018

  1. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    me and Manuelp, have been talking about a once a year ride somewhere ,, he lives in Boston I i saratoga area others in jersey ,,will figure out the northeast states and figure where center is for all for the meat and each year do a few day drive ,,If your interested ,post that you are and we will create something no other forum has done to date let start a motocycle get together ,, post up people

    G and Manuel
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  2. thevinstigator

    thevinstigator JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    South Jersey area and planning a weeklong venture through Pennsylvania. Starting in Scranton, heading west on Route 6...to PA Grand Canyon, to Kinzua State park, then west to Erie. May venture to Niagara but really wanna carry CCW so this may not be in the cards. Then south to Pittsburg the to the 9-11 memorial to Flight 93. Heading back around Elk country and stop off at my camper in Pine Grove PA for some 4 wheeling/drinking/. Might take about a week or so possibly as long as 9 days.
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  3. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Damn , I can't do anything but a long weekend Niagara is about 8/9 hr's maybe 10/12 on bike depending on gas and piss stops
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