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Jeremy Robertson EL FUEGO

jamu Jan 16, 2017

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  1. jamu

    jamu Huge member

    Hi devils, :unintroduced:

    here i have a custom folder (flipper) from


    for sale.

    The knife was carried, but never in use. The blade is still in the original state. The handle, specially the clip has some signs on it (depending on the light angle; nothing deep, only superficial slight scratches), which often can't prevent at this finishing........

    .....pls check the pic :devilzeek

    The action of the flipper is very, very smooth and quick, 100% perfect...without any blade-play, early lock-up and centered blade

    Product Description :

    Jeremy Robertson El Fuego Flipper with a Acid Washed Finished CTS-XHP Blade

    Knife Style: Medium Sized Liner Lock

    Blade Steel: CTS-XHP

    Blade Length: 2 7/8" Cutting Edge

    Blade Finish: Acid wash finish

    Handle Length: 3 13/16"

    Handle Thickness: 3/8"

    Handle Material: Titanium

    Clip: Blade Tip up

    Thumb Stud: None

    Case: Tube

    Weight: 2.9

    Made in the USA


    This is Jeremy's newest model the "El Fuego" folder with a flipper. The handle is made out of titanium with the darker finish and is an integral liner lock. Neat trick to keep the thinness of the handle but still get the lock in there! The El Fuego is a little slimmer and shorter than some of his other models, so it is easier to carry in the pocket for every day carry especially if you wear shorts, slacks, or tighter pants.

    One of the most unique aspects of this one is that the clip is not only made for a deep pocket carry, but it also wraps around the titanium frame and becomes the liner lock!

    Also the blade on this one has the more rustic look with an acid wash finish!

    The knife comes with the orig. box/tube.

    Price: 555 $(PP), incl. shipping with UPS !!!

    short to me:

    I'm German, but I'm currently stationed overseas in Indonesia and the knife is with me, so it will be shipped promptly via UPS.

    You can also find me on FB, my name is JAMU RIDWAN

    Feel free to ask via PM, more pics on request ;-)

    Have some problems to upload all pics.....i'm not sure if you are also able to see pic no. 4....pls also look to that pic with the clip, in the close-up !!!
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  2. jamu

    jamu Huge member

  3. jamu

    jamu Huge member

    IMG_6232.JPG IMG_6237.JPG IMG_6236.JPG IMG_6235.JPG IMG_6234.JPG
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