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JDBA knife (Relentless 525 code named)Now with pics, specs, AND price!!

Mr.LaBella Aug 4, 2017

  1. Silent Jay

    Silent Jay Flips more than he speaks JDBA Official Member


    Workin on it. Hole in my car's radiator kinda fucked up a lot of my plans for the weekend as far as being able to get shit done.
  2. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

  3. desmodus

    desmodus Arc Sodium Administrator Lady Devil JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Well if you sell all of those knifes you listed on Instagram you ought to be able to buy a NEW hoopty altogether.
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  4. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator


    Bitch ain't lyin yo! :giggle:

    She said "knifes".
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  5. Dutchtracker

    Dutchtracker Down For Life Brigade Member

    Knife laws throughout Europe:


    The Netherlands
    Locking: Allowed, maximum 28cm opened
    Fixed: Legal
    Maximum length: 28 cm
    Number of edges: One, multiple edges is illegal
    Serration: Allowed
    Automatic/assisted opening: Automatic knives are legal if the blade is under 7 cm, smaller than 14mm wide, has only one edged side and has no penetrating power.
    Types of knives not allowed: Balisongs (above blade length 7 cm and below 14 mm wide)
    Other characteristics that are illegal: Hand guards
    Anything else: EDC-ing in The Netherlands is all about discretion. If the knife does not fit the situation/environment you might get in trouble. It's not illegal to have a knife, but it's highly uncommon to actually see someone using a knife in public.

    Locking: not allowed
    Fixed: not allowed
    Maximum length: length is not a factor
    Number of edges: not allowed
    Serration: are not a factor
    Automatic/assisted opening: not allowed
    Types of knives not allowed: any blade that is fixed or can be locked
    Other characteristics that are illegal: no special caracteristics
    AFAIK for France the law says that one cannot carry any blade (except legitimate use - defense not being a legitimate use). But case-law is a very little more tolerant. The following criterias concern case-law (don't hesitate to correct me if necessary)

    The only factor is the locking system. Slip joint and friction folder are normally allowed to be carry. But the law officer don't know the law and they can be not very nice with somebody carrying a knife. But i have example of people controlled with bud nealy specialist in the back whose haven't got any problem. That is function of the situation and the law officer.

    The rules. No locking knife and no fixed blade.

    Locking: legal
    Fixed: legal
    Maximum length: n/a
    Number of edges: as many as you like
    Serration: legal
    Automatic/assisted opening: legal
    Types of knives not allowed: none
    Other characteristics that are illegal: a gun/knife combo would require a gun permit/licence

    it's legal to buy and own any kind of blade, but it's illegal to carry them in public, unless you have a professional need or other valid reason (e.g. a carpenter or a handyman is allowed to carry a work knife). "In public" basically means around the town, or in other populated areas. It's legal to carry a knife out in the woods or when camping etc.

    (In addition to knives, it's also illegal to carry saps, batons, knucks, nunchakus and such in public. And technically also SAKs and multitools, if they have blades.)

    The UK
    UK (England and Wales for definite, im 90% sure Scotland is the same and Northern Ireland i would assume was the same but would check with both)

    For EDC:
    LockingNone locking (slipjoint, friction etc) only
    Fixed illegal
    Maximum length 3 inch maximum length
    Number of edges I have no reason to think this is relevent, however without checking id only recommend a single edge
    Serration Serration is not a legal issue
    Automatic/assisted opening Automatic/assisted opening - autos are definetly not allowed ever, assisted openers are a grey area (you can buy them here online easily for instance) but if you were found with one you will probably be the first to go through the courts with it and you will almost certainly lose - dont be a test case unless you can afford to be the test case
    Types of knives not allowed as well as autos, balisongs are illegal
    Other characteristics that are illegal if it is marketed as a weapon id steer clear - this is why i wouldnt recommend a double edged blade (even though im 99% sure they are legal) because it will be viewed as a weapon first and tool second a lot more than a single edge will - you can EDC a knife but if it is carried as a weapon it is illegal. It is up to the courts to prove you are carrying it as a weapon

    Anything else you can think of

    Provided you are not carrying a banned knife (auto, balisong) and provided you are not carrying it as a weapon (ie dont tell someone you will stab someone if they mug you etc) there isnt really any limit on what you can carry with a justifiable reason. So if you are camping carrying a machete or large bowie is fine, if you use a locking knife for your job then its fine to have it when at the job or going to or from it and if you need one for a hobby like if you have an allotment and are taking a large pruning knife to it to tend to your tomatoes you are fine.

    Its common sense what a reasonable excuse is (on your part and the police officers part) but if in doubt then stick with the EDC rules above (3" cutting edge or less, none locking).

    Edit, reminded thanks to the Aussie laws, no stealth knives allowed (cane swords, blades in pens etc).

    The UK list of banned items which contains loads of "ninja weapons" does not include nunchaku for quite an amusing reason. The law was written when someone in power saw a magazine advert for a shop selling such things, and copied his stock list directly into the banned items list. Nunchaku are not banned simply because the guy didn't have any in stock when the ad was published.

    No knives in public buildings like courthouse or federal buildings. Most schools have restrictions in the school rules too.
    No knives at large events like soccer games or concerts, not forbidden by law but by house rules
    No knives that seem to be harmless things. So no canedagger, no beltknuckle knives, no blade in a pen. These are forbidden by law and even owning them can be punished severely!

    All other knives are allowed save automatic knives and gravity knives (balisong at your own risk)

    Locking: Allowed
    Fixed: Allowed
    Maximum length: carry a sword if you are 18 or older, not a problem
    Number of edges: whatever you like
    Serration: Allowed
    Automatic/assisted opening: Sure!
    Types of knives not allowed: Knives that can not be recognized being knives, so anything that seems to be harmless but has a blade.
    Anything else: You are allowed to use and to carry knives, but some people are scared here too. So you might earn suspicious looks if you carry a large fixed or tactical blade visible in public.


    Exactly the same laws as Austria

    Locking: Allowed, max 8 cm blade length
    Fixed: Legal, max 8 cm blade length
    Number of edges: whatever
    Serration: Allowed
    Automatic/assisted opening: Automatic knives are illegal, I'm not sure about assisted openings
    Anything else: Batons, Shurikens/Shakens (="Ninja Stars"), pepper spray, ballistic knives are illegal.

    Locking Illegal
    Fixed Illegal, unless you are carrying it to/from place of work (with legitimate need) or to/from fishing/hunting expedition - in a direct path (ie you can't stop at the supermarket and do your shopping if you're carrying the knife on your person or have it in your car)
    Maximum length Blade 7 cm (= 2 3/4")
    Number of edges Not regulated
    Serration Not regulated
    Automatic/assisted opening Illegal. Only folding knives which require both hands to open are permitted.
    Types of knives not allowed For EDC, everything that is not a folding knife with blade less than 7 cm.

    Czech Republic
    Carrying knives and other non-firing weapons is not regulated at all. But they are confiscated by police on places where is the high suspicion of immediate usage as a weapon against other people (eg. marches of football/soccer hooligans, neofascists and other radicals).
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  6. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade LUC4 JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

  7. hickory

    hickory JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Somebody said "Go join JD but make sure you follow all the rules!"
    Is it really so hard? Sheesh. Read...search...post..
    It seems simple, it must be that I'm (getting? am?) old.
    What's an instagerm?
  8. Jvamis

    Jvamis International Devil Welcome Squad Leader JDBA Official Member

    Ya correct !!
    You can carry a knife during the hunting action.
    Balisongs are absolutely legal but no carry...

    In the major cities of France and in the demonstrations and meeting, it is a bad idea to have a knife on be. But I live in the countryside, little village!!!

    You Can have anny blades what you want!! At home...
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
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  9. 51M1X

    51M1X JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Yeah so it would be legal in a few countries for a passaround. For example Austria(my Country), France, Finland, Italy, croatia, poland, czech republic...
  10. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    The man is always tryin' to keep a brother down...

  11. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator


    You guys are welcome to buy (Purchase) them, if all requirements are met***

    I do not think that there will be an international passaround, though!

    Too risky.

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  12. Dutchtracker

    Dutchtracker Down For Life Brigade Member

    This was only a clarification,of the knife rules in Europe,
    nothing more or less.
    Don't like to see a brother lost his money/knife to customs or get troubles with justice.
  13. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    No worries, pal!
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  14. buddy

    buddy Slide to unlock JDBA Official Member

    When is the pass around starting up?
  15. Rover

    Rover Rock N' Roll Outlaw JDBA Official Member

    Looks swell--palm swell!

    I'm still in
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  16. JAKMAN32

    JAKMAN32 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    just like the last list I'm still in for this one
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  17. ninjastar

    ninjastar Little member JDBA Official Member

    Looking forward to this more than any other bali release this year
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  18. Coconutfilipino

    Coconutfilipino JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Been waiting for this one.--I am still in.
  19. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    Me too! (And quite possibly new t shirts) :D
  20. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member


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