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JD Member: Sharpazzhell GTG Excellent transaction!

SOCALSURF Oct 14, 2018


    SOCALSURF Huge member JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    I purchased a knife from JD member, Sharpazzhell. Very smooth transaction- fast shipping, excellent communication, and he was an all around nice guy to deal with. < Thank you!

    Thanks JD! :rawks:
  2. bass_master

    bass_master JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    I just received my first of two knives that I bought from Sharpazzhell and I couldn't be happier with our transaction. He literally had my knife boxed up and mailed out within like an hour of receiving my payment, and he even sent me a video showing the knife getting packed up and another one showing the USPS receipt and tracking #. Super fast comms and a very cool guy, he even threw in a bonus knife as a surprise! Do not hesitate to do business with Sharpazzhell, he is100% good to go! Thanks again!
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  3. mike_geno

    mike_geno Huge member JDBA Official Member

    Great transaction for 2 Bradley Kimura's. Smooth PayPal and fast shipping. Both trade and sale. Great Buyer and trader.
    Thank You.
  4. Felipe R Garcia

    Felipe R Garcia Tiny Member

    Just bought -51. I couldn’t be happier with how the transaction and communication that sharpazzhell provides.
  5. stonproject

    stonproject Little member

    Had some severe weather that prevented me from shipping out the HOM Sharp bought and he was patient and cool about it. Easy dude to deal with.
  6. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell locomotive disaster

    Chutcher I have To say that he shipped faster than me usually I-ship while people are making sentences but he was sept really fast. They also put insurance on it. He had a premium replicate to my standard preference witches no flipping he just opened and closed it just like I do with all my knives and he didn't even do a video which I do. The following day I have a message with the picture of a tracking number so this person is legit I'm going to start the feedback so he doesn't have several links. E×+++++ for excellence. Will love to do business again even though he traded he still my buyer and is gonna get tipped off like the rest of my buyers when I post something thank you so much I wanted that premium replicas so badly and you came through that
  7. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell locomotive disaster

    This this feedback for Adrock2864. He asked me if I could do a $100 on my favorite new Bradley that has no rub or play. Plus he also bought my out the front knife and the offered a good price of a $100 which I decided to take it because you know I like to do I make my buyers happy . Once I said deal the money was in my pay pal counter ready he already paid for it therefore he is good and legit and I recommend him and I will do business with him again since I tip off all my buyers if I put a post on a thread. He gets an E for excellence.
  8. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell locomotive disaster

    Next feedback is for rex rippin. Now 1st off I respect this gentleman because he stood by his opinion and he followed his heart whatever he believed in period even though we gone to a little bit of a debated argument and I was messing around with him and he still kept his composure and I give him credit for that period also I have a feeling because hes been talking to me and he knows I wanted a BRS premium replicas in for so long. And even though I was supposed to save up for that Chuck GI have a couple checks coming so hopefully I'll have enough but the replications I always wanted. The reason why I have this feeling is because when I was messing with him jumping on a page the guy who sold me or traded the roblochon was on the page so I'm guessing that he must have put the word out so if he did thank you so much if you didn't thank you so much you flat me know when there's Bradley's for sale or anything else so thank you for that. And yet hes a jet like that I'll be honest with you me an emblem of didn't get along at 1st we were in cursing out each Other and everything. It wasn't personal it was based on a subject so that's understandable people debate things that people perceive things different so let's natural so. Thanks Rex
  9. chutcher

    chutcher JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    I just received a bali from Sharpazzhell on a trade and could not be happier. Very smooth, quick transaction and received just as described. Very easy to deal with and I would do business again with him in the future.
  10. Tom Pettit

    Tom Pettit Little Member

    Sharpazzhell is an amazing person to deal with. I wanted a BM 51 that he had and told him I probably wouldn't have the money available till Friday, he shipped me the knife on Tuesday anyway, so in return for that awesome gesture of trust I pulled a few strings and with a little help from my wife we got him paid on Tuesday evening. I wouldn't think twice about doing business with him in the future, most definitely one of the top 2 deals I've ever made in my life. I can't thank him enough.
  11. Tom Pettit

    Tom Pettit Little Member

    Another awesome deal with sharpazzhell. This guy is an absolute pleasure to deal with, he's honest and ships faster than anyone I've ever dealt with. Thanks a million for another sweet deal Vinny.
  12. Opposite Day

    Opposite Day Little Member

    Sharpazzhell is GTG! I've done multiple transactions and he is a great guy. Will do business again and highly recommend.
  13. elgiraffe

    elgiraffe Little member

    This Sharpazzhell guy is pretty cool. Good knife. Good transaction. Good conversation. I would buy from him again.

    Thanks man!
  14. ubado

    ubado Little Member

    Honest, Easy to get in contact with, Quick Ship, Easy to work with ... and Sharpazzhell is just a good all around dude. A pleasure to deal with too. Without a doubt ... I'd do another deal with Sharpazzhell. Thanks & Cheers!

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