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Jason Lyons Scralpel and flipper

begreen61 Apr 29, 2017

  1. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Took Jason's LYONS Scalpel at to work today and it help up . cut plastic off wire , tape, sharpen a pencil . and a few other tasks . Well she's not a razor sharp anymore . She's is sharp , but not shaving sharp as I got her. The blade being aebl steel , I was able to get a full day of work out of her and she'll still slice paper .
    As for the handle , when holding her tight in the hand was uncomfortable and loose to hold, then I grab it like you would a scalpel I had a handle the just makes sense . tighter hold in the hand and complete control of what ever you want to cut .I would recommend this knife as a light to medium duty EDC .If your interested in seeing his site look up Blackmetal1181 here at JD he's a fairly new member . As for Jasons flipper ,Loving it, loving it, loving it , . will do a write up later after playing with her more. If you like to check out his work JD is having a pass around with both knives sign up will start very soon...............

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    Last edited: Jun 5, 2017
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  2. blackmetal1181

    blackmetal1181 The Devils Knifemaker JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Thanks gary aebl isnt the toughest steel out there but easily sharpened for stainless
    Glad you like it
    Also its jason lyons
  3. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Ok with the Pass around coming to a close in the next few weeks , My Review will start with the scalpel ,I love the design but love the other reversed tanto scalpel better but that personal preference needless i use mine daily I had Jason put a orange handle on my and have lost it too many times ,Thank god for orange anyway I would recommend this to any one that need a Razor sharp EDC ,

    The Flipper with no name felt good to be home on the range ,,,In the desert you can't remember your name ,,but that fuck'en flipper works flawless each day ,Hell Love mine so much bought one for my son does that say anything ,, Looking forwards to the others comments and reviews onJasons knives from the other members.
  4. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    You all owe me and Jason a Review from the pass around
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  5. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Brigade Member

    Got these for a pass around, so I don't own 'em... :cry:

    Let's start with his, as yet, unnamed flipper.... This is a hand full of knife, yet it is very light-weight. I suppose the carbon fiber scale and pocket clip contribute to that. It flips open well, without falling open as some models that I've seen (NOT Jason's, just wanna make that clear!). It being a lefty, and me a righty, it made things a bit awkward, but you can flip it open with either hand. I wasn't too successful left-handed. Note to self: Need to work on my left hand/finger strength.
    A well made, well put together, knife that is VERY sharp. It being a pass around blade, I didn't really try to abuse it, but when I shipped it, I believe that it was still as sharp as when I got it.
    The blade has a bit of recurve that gives it a bit of advantage in slicing, but sharpening would possibly be problematic if the only sharpening option you have is a flat stone.

    Now, on to the field scalpel.... This particular model had an all-metal construction. I feared that it would cause handling issues, but with the holes in the handle, and various grooves and notches, I was able to hold it securely without problems. I didn't get my hands wet, or greasy, or bloody, but I can envision a slippage problem in those situations. Jason has others with a variety of handle materials available. If you planned on using it for field dressing or skinning game animals, or working with greasy or wet hands, I'm sure one of the other handles would work better for you. I don't believe that you would drop it, but I think it wouldn't be as secure of a grip as you'd want to have on a blade this sharp.
    Again, being a pass around knife, I didn't abuse the edge and it held up well in the limited testing that I did.
    Earlier in the pass around, the USPS apparently mishandled the package, and the blade tip poked through the bottom of the sheath. This knife doesn't have a means of preventing that from happening if you stuffed the knife back in its sheath without care. Maybe some type of protection could be added to the sheath? Or, you could just be careful.
    Again, we have a bit of recurve in the blade. It certainly gives it a "sexy" look, but I'm not sure about trying to sharpen it. If you're a true "knife person", I'm pretty sure you'll have other options for sharpening, rather than just a flat stone.

    All-in-all, I like both of these knives and plan to add at least one of each to my collection. :manganr:
  6. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade Fire and Blood JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Ill add my mini review to the mix.
    first my credentials- none.
    other than this-

    The unamed flipper (gotta do something about that)
    It is an unconventional flipper-

    A lefty (like me) using carbon fiber on the show side and aebl on the lock side. Blade steel was aebl. I carried it for 2 days and used it to cut open a few letters, packages. and other edc duties. It flips well, and never failed to open when pressing the flipper. I flipped it multiple times while talking on the phone with both hands (a habit I have, my family doesnt even ask what the clicking noise in the background is anymore) and again opened everytime which to me is THE most important function of a flipper/folder. A pet peeve of mine is a flipper that fails to open and a flipper that has a heavy detente to cover up the "rusty lawn chair" action. Jasons knife has none of this w/ the detente being about in the middle of most knives I have (I like them a little on the lighter side) and the action, which is on a bearing system (im not sure what kind) was very smooth and shot out w/ authority.
    • Opens every time- a must for any folder especially a flipper. If you cant trust it to open when you need it, then you might as well not carry it.
    • weight- Dont have a scale but definitely lighter than other knives I have of similar size.
    • blade profile- this is a bias of mine but recurves are the shit. Period. They look great and slice great. It is polished well and despite being used and carried by others in the passaround, it carried the scratches and scrapes of normal use well and still looked good.
    • Thumb indent- the thumb indent in the blade profile makes for nice indexing and is very usable. I never really did any heavy cutting w/ this knife but if I had, I have no doubt it would have helped and it felt great ergonomically.
    • Lockup- Really seems to have got this down- Great lockup and no stickiness and slightly early the way most people like it. Felt very solid. The lockup side was also made out of aebl instead of the normal Ti, but honeslty seemed a slight improvement.
    Cons- Not many and most are nit picky, but thats just me.
    • The screws on the knife were phillips head- Jason says he will be using hex screws on future knives but used what he had on hand for this one. While the phillips head screws work, they take away from the look of the knife a great deal. Should not be a problem in the future.
    • Pocket clip- Overall it is a cool addition- a carbon fiber pocket clip but it flexed a lot for me and I worried it was too thin.
    Field scalpel
    This is the one I did some harder testing on
    The test- Get rid of the multiple cardboard boxes I have sitting in my house and make them in to small ez to carry recyclable pieces.
    The tool- Jason Lyons Field Scalpel
    I had an amazon and diet coke box epidemic brewing on my floor and since running away to Mexico and assuming a new identity was out of the question (for now) I thought I would cut em up into small pieces.

    The process- No problems whatsoever. Scalpel zipped through thin and thick cardboard w/ ease.

    The result- I even got through a few cans. After I finished, I hit it w/ the powerstrop and it was back to razor sharp. I know aebl is not considered a high end steel, but it held an edge great, and re sharpened to a razor edge in seconds after what I think of as heavy use (i didnt have any rope or cord)

    This is a shorter review than I wanted to give but I wanted to put something out there for Jason because he allowed us to check his stuff out. When I buy a knife I try to consider the maker as well as the knife and Jason is a good guy who has some talent and is open to hearing (good and bad) from customers. Something rare these days.
  7. KaosRase

    KaosRase Huge member

    REALLY loved both these knives, file work, design, grind, on scalpel, all looks and feels amazing! Very attractive knife in my eyes.

    Very much like the blade shape on the flipper and it's well executed, jimping is nice and aggressive, flips well, lock up is SOLID, flipper guard isn't intrusive,clip is sexy as hell,spacer feels good. Only critique would be the carbon fiber scales (though look good) and wish the lock was TI. The aebl lock feels sorta strange to me, but not necessarily bad. But it's nice and light. Overall think its a GREAT knife.

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