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Jason Lyons Hellcat Balisong

XtraMedium Oct 8, 2017

  1. XtraMedium

    XtraMedium Devil's Cohort JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    A little while back I was invited to provide my input on a project to build a balisong. I was flattered to be invited, but also slightly hesitant as many of these "projects" drag on forever and never yield a product. This was not one of those projects. Jason went to work immediately and in about two weeks (if I recall correctly) had a functional prototype. He clearly busted ass getting it put together. After a few rounds of conversation and making adjustments through pictures I had a prototype in hand. I spent some time flipping it and found that I was impressed. I honestly didn't expect to like it, but I did. Jason made a few adjustments and sent it back again and it was even better. I'm not saying that Jason built the "perfect balisong" (which will never exist btw) , but he did create a very good knife that will make both flippers and collectors very happy.
    The Hellcat is a large knife. Similar in size and weight to the Fat Lady. Please don't be alarmed by the weight as you only feel it in the hand. It handles like a much lighter knife. If you are one that likes thin handles and a small knife, this wont be for you. I would say it is fairly neutral in balance with just a touch favoring to the tails. It doesn't required much effort to change direction or wrist pass. Minimal effort is required to make the hellcat respond. It does what you ask it to do. Overall, it is a very enjoyable flipping knife.

    Jason handled and examined a lot of the top knives in current production to draw inspiration. While the Hellcat is a full hand made custom, we needed to start somewhere. I was concerned that what would come out was yet another AB or another replicant with a new hole pattern or some other guise to make it a "new knife". The Hellcat is its own animal. Jason exceeded all expectations and created something of his very own. Completely original in design and very functional.

    I am not a specs guy. You can find specific lengths and weights on Jason's website or perhaps in another review. All I can tell you is that the Hellcat is a fantastic balisong handmade one at a time with great care and attention to detail.

    hellcat.JPG hellcat1.JPG hellcat2.JPG hellcat3.JPG
  2. taoist

    taoist taoist JDBA Official Member

    The URL to Jason's website would be helpful.
    begreen61 likes this.
  3. XtraMedium

    XtraMedium Devil's Cohort JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

  4. BaliSharp

    BaliSharp Tiny Member

    Looks awesome! I will definitely look to reach out to him. I am in the market for a new balisong.
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