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Jason Lyon's Hellcat Bali Pass around

begreen61 Mar 7, 2018

  1. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Jason has given me a Hellcat G10 white handle for the next Pass around ,,,It is also for sale for 600.00 ,,
    Rule :

    First you must be an"Very Active member" and have 555 post good feed back or a friend of mine,Desmodus ,,,can be a plus or you can post like a mofo or PM me for other ways to gain my permission to participate.(See it pays to be an active member here at JD.Neewbies ) Contact me if you don't have 555 post

    Second you must be willing to Insure the knives for above prices to the next member .Should be under 15/20.00 for all mailing fees to check out a knife to see if you like one of the makers knives down the road.

    Third Mailing will be UPSP and sent priority with Tracking and this info will be sent to me to keep track of my babies .

    Forth , You Have 7 days MAX or five working days to play beat and ship (include 4 days for shipping so figure you have5 days with these Jems )to next member and send me a PM with INFO.

    Lastly ,Report here after you shipped out and State it's sent to next member and give your two cents on the knife ,,,Simple Rule's ((( Can Not take a Chance to lose at Customs, so US of A shipped ONLY sorry my out of Counrty Brothers and Sisters)

    lastly I need your Phone number

    Taking on 5 Members for each knife this first Pass Around (if you want to buy it contact me but the pass around must be completed )
    heres some pictures IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0243.JPG
  2. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member


  3. desmodus

    desmodus Arc Sodium Administrator Lady Devil JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Everybody interested should know this is very fun Bali and is absolutely worth using or flipping.

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