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Jason Lyons field scalpel

buddy Aug 12, 2017

  1. buddy

    buddy Slide to unlock JDBA Official Member

    So I had the pleasure of undergoing a recent pass around and got to handle a couple of knives from Jason Lyons. The two was a straight edge field scalpel and the second being a carbon fiber framelock flipper.
    Now I was really surprised by both of these. I will first talk about the flipper as I was most interested to test this out. Here first are some specs,

    Aebl stainless blade at 60-61 hardness handsanded to 600 grit 3/16" thick
    Framelock is aebl ceracoted graphite black
    Lva carbonfiber clip back spacer and non lock side of handle
    Solid lock riding smooth on caged bearings no blade play
    Weight is 4.6 oz

    Blade 3-1/2"
    Closed 4-3/4"
    OAL 8-1/4"
    I am a big time lover of flippers and are my second favorite style of folding knife besides balisongs. Now a good flipper can run you thousands of dollars. Recently though there has been a surge in midtech knives that can be a great flipper around the price range around 400 or so to 700. This knife here is not only less than this range but it is a full custom. What I look first in a flipper is how the action is, the detent, and the lockup. Secondary is materials/blade steal, the flipper tab, and taking in considerations for if its design lends to its intended use. This knife is a light yet solid flipper that would be perfect for EDC. Most importantly this knife has a great detent and lockup all while having a great flipping action that opens with a very satisfying thud. The blade is incredibly sharp and visually is great to look at while its shape lends well to field cutting.

    The blade is rounded very nicely and with the shape of the handles paired with a great thumb ramp enables you to comfortably hold the knife with a snug grip. I like how there is a cutout about the thumb ramp, as besides giving a cool look visually, is great to have as a place for your thumb when you want to choke up on the blade. The lockup is rock solid and feels like a fix blade when opened. Closed the detent is strong enough where is thing is not going to open unless you want to. But the detent is dialed in well enough it is easy to either push button or light switch the flipper tab to open. It is really difficult to not have the blade fully lock up with opening. I purposely tried to get it not to open all the way and I am not even sure if I was able to.

    Negatives for me was the clip, as I am not a fan of a carbon fiber clips. Also there was some wiggle to it. I also would like the clip designed a little differently as it is not seamless when gripping the knife. The clip can be felt rather easily as it pushes against your hand. Also could do without the screws as I would much prefer the knife visually without them. But a plus for the screws is ease of use in tightening without needing a torx and such.

    Honestly the build quality with fit and finish and the quality in its flipping action with nice dialed in bearings is actually rather astonishing for a custom at this price point. It beats out alot of flippers I have handled that are double this price.

    The second knife was the field scalpel
    specs: straight razor Large field scalpel in aeb-l 3/16" thick at handle before pattern blade is over full height flat grind 600 grit hand sanded blade then scotchbright leather sheath right or left handed in the pocket or on the belt or neck carry 4 layers of 4 oz leather oal- 8" blade- 3-1/8"

    I am not a big fixed blade knife person, but this straight razor is just too cool. Really loved the look and feel of this. Big fan of recurve blades and this design gives a neat mesh of gentleman's knife and tacticool little edc blade. This thing is SHARP. Great feel in hand, and just a really well done little scalpel. I want one :). One thing I can nit pick about it is that with how sharp and pointy this knife is, the leather sheath came to me with a slight hole with the tip of the blade popping out. So a little thicker bottom of the sheath or a addition in material would be nice to overcome this from happening.

    Big shoutout to Begreen for bringing this maker up to me and including me in with his passaround. If any one is on the lookout for either a good flipper that lends well to EDC use or a cool scalpel with a wicked edge, all without breaking the bank--- it seems Jason Lyons so far is a great choice and ill be on the lookout for what else he puts out in the future.
  2. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    your awesome David ,Great review
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2017
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