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I've been told............

tubtar Sep 21, 2021

  1. tubtar

    tubtar high caliber consecrator Moderator Super Moderator Brigade Member

    That I give great eulogy..............by friends and family alike.
    Well , I better bring my "A" game to this task.
    Because Ron deserves the best from all of us .
    I grieve for Ron sr. , Marie , Justus , but in a different way I think.
    Their loss is far greater than mine.
    And mine is colossal.
    How do I gauge Ron's impact on my life ?
    We immediately hit it off , even before we met.
    Through a silly little hobby we shared............the love of sharp pointy things.
    The internet was still finding it's feet , and it opened up a whole new world for many of us.
    We became acquainted on a knife forum.
    And though Ron wasn't huge in stature , his mark on this world was vast.
    He had the drive and direction of ten men , creating a web site that accomplished so much for so many , and with little recognition or accolade.
    J.D. was unique..........I'm not sure how to find an example that makes sense.
    But it was a web site with swagger , and a dangerous streak...........especially compared to other web sites for any hobby you'd care to name.
    Showing up at a knife related function with any J.D. gear showing would have people pointing and whispering.
    That is no shit.
    And like any organization that resides on that astral plane , strong bonds are formed within.
    It didn't make us anything.
    It just helped us find each other.
    I have had the honor and privilege to meet and hang out with a significant number of our members.
    Man or woman , to a person , they had many characteristics that I view as qualities................and a healthy take no shit attitude.
    There was way more in common than with us than I could believe.
    Ron and I were about a decade apart age wise , and 1200 miles apart geographically.
    But when we were together , we'd be swapping stories about things we had done , and the only difference was the time and the zip code.
    Minor differences , but similarities out numbered them by about 10 to 1.
    Ron was easy to like.
    He loved laughing and talking shit.
    And was one of the most generous people I have ever known...........opening his house to me and others.
    Treating us like family.
    The good times were great and the great times were epic.
    But that isn't his biggest contribution to my world.
    Were it not for Ron , I would probably never have had to opportunity to meet some of the greatest knife makers in the world.
    His insistence that Judy and I go to a NYCKS show back in I can't even remember opened the door for me.
    As I got serious about this hobby we shared , I went from inexpensive Italian switchblades to Microtech's to full customs , and in a big hurry.
    I Tried keeping up with Ron , who's collection is pretty impressive by any standard.
    And because of Ron , many of these makers I admired became friends.
    Ron had a list of contacts in the knife world that is large and impressive enough that it would make an interesting book.
    And they weren't just contacts.
    Most of them were good friends.
    Not too fucking bad for a tow truck driver from Cranford , N.J.
    I am thinking of all the charitable things that we accomplished on this site.
    Member's had a run of bad ju ju , we'll hold a raffle and help them out.
    Troop knife runs ?
    I should count them up , but I think 15 was the tally at last.
    Starting out with hooking up special forces A teams at first , because it seemed like a manageable number.
    The last few were for full platoons.
    Many family members of folks on this forum were the benefit of troop knife runs , myself included.
    All done because it seemed like the right thing to do.
    All the direct result of Ron wanting to create something new , different and as a testament to the forum's longevity , interesting.
    Ron had a gift...........to be able to bring people together.
    Whether it was for dinner , or for something much larger.
    And he frequently was the lightening rod for orchestrating a good time.
    After a Saturday at the NYCKA show , we were going to go to a deli he knew for some dinner.
    Seven of us at the plan's inception.
    I believe they had to throw some tables together at this joint to seat the 27 who all showed up.
    Ron knew some great restaurants , and couple good eats with like minded individuals , it will be loud and hilarious when he was in the crowd.
    As great as those times were , it was the random phone calls I will cherish most.
    Any day , any time , it was always awesome.
    And left me smiling.
    As I sit here , typing and crying , I know he is looking down with good natured scorn , because I am being such a pussy about this.
    Him , Da Bird and kayakjax are probably pointing and laughing at me.
    " Look at the girl..............ya fucking homo "
    Well , O.K. , I'll take it.
    Because this one hurts.
    Travel well , my Brother.
    And know that you are immortal.
    Nobody cuts a path this wide through the world and doesn't get remembered.
    Vaya Con Dios.
  2. RNST

    RNST Entrusted Devil Super Moderator

    You are right JS, you are very good at eulogies. Ron’s list of attributes are enormous as was his heart. He will be sadly missed by many.
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  3. Balibuyer

    Balibuyer JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    They are very right sir.

    I am so very sorry my brothers and sisters.
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  4. markandrex

    markandrex Thunderstruck Brigade Member

    Well said my friend, well said!:clap::kneel::clap:
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  5. Rio

    Rio Como un angel JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman Brigade Member

    Spot on John!, I got to meet you because of Ron, The amount of things he did behind the scenes, always talking to someone to help someone else, getting every one together, Justus has grown to be a solid young man, I was crying on the phone and he just listen instead of me being the grown up, a good dad he was and always kind to my boys, took shit in the gtg’s and laugh the loudest, let anybody handle his expensive knives liked they were his good friend and flip his balis, I could go on and on how many Knifemaker’s and others he help putting on the map , he will be missed a lot more than will ever think and time will prove this right, a big hug to you all devils I’m drinking one for the boss or 3 … he would liked that…
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  6. markandrex

    markandrex Thunderstruck Brigade Member

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  7. MTXCraze

    MTXCraze I flip therefore I am JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    So many great memories hanging with that man and I’m glad I have them.
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  8. Manganr

    Manganr Devils Supermoderator Super Moderator

    Great words John. I've never been a person of too many words but you put it in a nutshell. A man so much larger than his height would ever have you believe. A man who made an impact on so many he probably didn't even know. I was looking forward to having a beer with my friend again when all this Covid shit passed. It was never to be. I just feel honoured in life to have known the man.
    God speed my friend.
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  9. englishmark

    englishmark Wicked Gardener

    Well said.
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  10. mkphc

    mkphc Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Thank you for all you’ve done
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  11. Mike Grasso

    Mike Grasso "to protect and to serve" Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Smoke and Prayers, he was always there for me as he was for everyone.

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  12. GEEZER

    GEEZER Beware The Ides of March Brigade Member

    Well spoken John!
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  13. littlejoey

    littlejoey High on a Mountain Top Brigade Member

    Well said, John. Thank you!
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  14. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I started reading this over 24 hours ago, but the words kept getting blurry and I'd have to stop.

    Thanks for the great words John.
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  15. Tinysd

    Tinysd Skull Cracker Brigade Member

    John, I figured this was the best place to post. I hope you don't mind me jumping in.

    It took me a few days to take all this in. There is no way I could tell all my LaBella stories in a single post.

    I first interacted with Ron on one of the knife forums. We were both into Microtech and for some reason he sent me a PM. Not knowing anything about the internet, I panicked wondering who this stranger was. I can't remember what we talked about, but he always seemed to pop up when I posted on any of the many forums back then. There were some obscure ones and sure enough, he was a member.

    One day he told me to join Ramanon. No idea what it was, but I did because he said to. I saw some familiar names including Bob, who I had dealt with many times. Ramanon was a blast and there were quite a few people there that were local to me and we ended up meeting. I probably would have avoided all of them, but Ron vetted them and encouraged me to meet them.

    Then the tattooed freak asked for my number. This began an almost 18 year friendship and constant phone calls. I can't tell you how many times he would call me with Bob on a conference call. Never anything important, just to talk. The call could last a minute or an hour, you never knew.

    Without getting into the BS of the forums, one of the best times was in between Ramanon and JD starting up. A bunch of us were without an internet home and would meet on messenger and the phone nightly. What a blast that was!

    After JD was up and running I learned what a good dude he was by how he treated strangers. He would frustrate me by not wanting to ban anyone. I can't tell you how many times there would be some troll that the mods hated and wanted to ban. Somehow Ron would get them to stop trolling, act normal and to buy some JD gear. That fucker got them to give him money.

    Speaking of money, I want to tell you how uncomfortable he was taking money from any of you. It seriously made him sick to his stomach. He loved JD. It was his creation. Sure, all of us contributed, but make no mistake, JD is Ron.

    In the course of our friendship I changed my career path and schedule. I was going to work at 3am and that had me on the same schedule as Ron. That was the beginning of the almost daily calls that went on for years as both of us drove to work. It was constant laughter. Can't be a better way to start off your day than laughing with Ron.

    Those calls went on until 2020 when I took the year off. Our schedules didn't line up so the calls were not often. There were still text messages, but it is not the same.

    I'm sure I will post more detailed stories at some point, but it is too difficult now.

    Justus, my thoughts go out to you and your family. Your dad spoke highly of you and you were always a topic of conversation.

    Ron, I love you and will miss you more than I can ever express.
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  16. tubtar

    tubtar high caliber consecrator Moderator Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Glad to see you again............in the manner that most of us saw each other over the years.
    Ron sure did it right.
    I look forward to more stories................I just wish he was still making them.
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  17. Tinysd

    Tinysd Skull Cracker Brigade Member

    I feel better after posting.
    A quick Ron story.

    In the beginning, there was a member that was a dick. He followed us over from Ramanon. He was never nice to anyone and didn't post often.

    Some new kid posted a picture of his supposed girlfriend. She was cute, but had, how shall we say, a flat face. The dickhead member posts, "Frying pan + face = not so hot."

    I was furious that he would say something like that. So mad that I called Ron and wanted that guy gone. I probably wanted his address too.

    Ron kept telling me to calm down, but I wouldn't. Finally, he says, "That is me. It is my secret account."

    I was still mad until I realized what he was saying. Then I thought back as to how long he had been doing it and couldn't stop laughing.

    I won't name the account, but I know it is still active. A few of us used to share it. lol

    "Frying pan + face = not so hot." was mentioned quite often when we talked.
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  18. primal13

    primal13 Bluebeard Brigade Member

    Very sad day indeed. Amazing stories from an amazing family..
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  19. Obijuan Kenobe

    Obijuan Kenobe Our only hope! Brigade Member

    He was a good guy. I bet his son is a good young man.
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  20. apdallaround

    apdallaround K'inich Janaab' Pakal I JDBA Official Member


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