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IRS Forces liquidation of knives

IWantThatKnife Mar 20, 2010

  1. IWantThatKnife

    IWantThatKnife I want that knife Knife Maker or Craftsman

    at favorable prices. I have reduced prices on some very nice collectible knives; the first two are available through AT Barr's website: http://www.customknives.com/

    Here are links to a nice Jot Singh Kalsha Kirpan and a Don Hanson scrimshawed damascus sunfish:

    Jot Singh Kirpan
    reduced to sold

    Dn Hanson Sunfish
    Reduced to sold
    Also the following Bark River Knives with reduced prices:

    2005 Custom Damascus Dagger 7.5" blade sale price: $225.00
    2005 Custom Damascus Dagger 6" sale price: $202.50

    Here's a photo of the two Damascus Daggers:


    I can take paypal for an additional 3%; shipping is included except for out conus shipments; buy to pay actual shipping costs in that case. I ship via USPS Priority Mail Insured with Delivery Confirmation.

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  2. Bax 40

    Bax 40 Huge member

    Those two are really killer, I did not even know Mike had made any damascus knives!

  3. norcal13

    norcal13 rated "e" for evil Brigade Member

    those are lovely barkies.
  4. maruj

    maruj Huge member

    I really want a damascus blade....maybe i will buy one soon

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