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Interesting Experience With a Cold Steel Knife

Houstonian Sep 28, 2016

  1. Houstonian

    Houstonian Short Round Brigade Member

    So a couple weeks ago, after buying into all the Cold Steel XHP buzz, I decided to pick up an XL Recon 1. This story is not about that knife.

    I loved the DLC, the edge was damn near indestructible, and the action was much smoother than a 5.5in blade has any right to be.

    Fast forward to today, when the Cold Steel Swift II I ordered off of Amazon arrived. I finally broke my sanction against assisted openers, due mostly in part to the Triad lock and my infatuation with Cold Steel's polished DLC coating.

    The knife was sweet as sweet can be for about 5 minutes, before tragedy struck.

    Before we continue, here's a picture of how the assist mechanism is built, taken shamelessly from an ApostleP video.


    What the picture does not show you is that the steel spring is actually encased in the other G10 scale. The spring was under so much tension, that it actually managed to kick apart the epoxied G10 pieces that comprised the handle scale, rendering the knife inoperable.

    Naturally, I was pretty surprised. Fortunately, Cold Steel's customer service was excellent, and they informed me that the old run of Swifts, prior to the introduction of the safety mechanism, had this problem pretty commonly. They told me the best bet was to get a refund from Amazon, and to send it in to them if that didn't work.

    20 minutes later, I had my refund from Amazon, and ordered an Ultimate Hunter instead. Lesson learned about spring assisted knives.
  2. Gaston444

    Gaston444 Little member

    Don't lump them all together. The Kershaw system uses a bending wire, and is brilliant and fool-proof.

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