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  1. Scott Dalheim

    Scott Dalheim Tiny Member

    My apologies, when I initially registered it did not dawn on me to use a sudonyme. How do I change that? I have been looking, but hasn’t seen. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Brigade Member

    Not trying to be a smart ass, but the "search" function can be your friend. Or, just look at the top of the home page...


    But, to make it easy on you, click http://www.jerzeedevil.com/threads/changing-your-forum-name.104304/ Then, read the thread.

    Or, tl;dr version, send $25 to jerzeedevil@rocketmail.com via PayPal along with your preferred NEW user name and your CURRENT user name and ask Ron real nicely, to change it for you.

    Don't have a PayPal account? PM, or DM, or "Start a conversation" with Mr.Labella and he'll give ya his address so you can mail some money. Cash, check, or MO.

    Good luck!

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