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In Stock: Spyderco Burled G10 Manix 2 Sprint Run

gpknives Jul 27, 2018

  1. gpknives

    gpknives gpknives.com Knife Maker or Craftsman

    The freshest Manix 2 Sprint Run from Spyderco Knives is in the building! They went way outside the box with this gem utilizing a visually stunning Burled G-10 material for the handle scales. This layered material is almost "soft" to the touch with an awesome earth brown/black swirling appearance. No two knives will look alike making this collectible even more unique. The dark handles are paired with DLC coated CPM S90V premium stainless steel that boasts insane edge retention. This Limited package is finished off with all-Black DLC'd hardware including full length stainless liners. It's got some beef! Snatch one while you can, friends! Free Shipping in the USA. Have a fantastic weekend!


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