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I'm Making a Balisong

Reigner Feb 10, 2020

  1. Reigner

    Reigner Tiny Member

    Hey boys, like the title says I want to make one of these guys. I go to a university with a metal working lab and have done absolutely FUCK ALL with it for two years. After talking with the cool guy that manages it I learned that I can use it for whatever I want as long as I bring my own material. At first I think, "Hey I can make some sick 32gauge mandolorian cosplay", but when I came to my senses I realized that it would be perfect for making a balisong.
    I'm planning to make the handles and a blade blank there. I've got 16-gauge steel for the handles and Im gonna go scumming for a used up chop saw blade for the knife blade. I'll still have to pick up some knife parts online for about 20 bucks. I'll get screws, spacers, brass washers, and pivots.
    I'm going to make it in the style of the bm 51 morpho in that it wont have tang pins, but instead a nub on the bottom and some cylinders in between the handles to catch on it. I'll make scales out of PLA with 3d printers.

    Im drawing it up in CAD and Ill share it in a few when Ive got a shape. I want to ask though, has anyone some experience with making butterfly knives? I'd love to hear any advise about that, or in general about making the blade. I've never made a blade before so I'll probable mess it up, but at least Ill have a trainer with a story.

    Here's a draft, the blade's top grooves need to be extended because I wasnt thinking.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2020
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  2. XxGRYMMxX

    XxGRYMMxX The Crayola Kid JDBA Official Member

    cool project! more pics as you progress!
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  3. jimmyjo

    jimmyjo Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Nice, keep it coming.
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  4. Reigner

    Reigner Tiny Member

    Update 1:

    I've sourced some parts that I think will work and will still keep the price down. I don't have the ability to tap 2-56 threads, but I can go up to 4-40. I think I'll plan to tap the latch holes on the bite handle for that.

    Here are the parts I have to buy:


    I'll need to counter-sink the holes on the handles which complicates things a bit, but I think it's doable. The diameter on these counter sinks is .1915" which is a hair more than 3/16" and that's annoying to deal with. I think I'll end up doing it with a mill but I'm not sure how that'll go. Steel isn't expensive though so I can afford to mess up. Ideally I would find better standoffs but I haven't had much luck in sourcing them. I'm also thinking about going with titanium because these are gonna be banging about on the tang instead of a tang pin, but I don't think it'll matter.


    Pivot Pins
    I like that these are press fit and that they have lube grooves. Maybe it's just a gimmick though because I've never seen a balisong with them. What I don't like is that they're too long to just press fit into the metal. I could either get slightly thicker steel or press fit them into the handle scales. I don't like the idea of press fitting them into PLA scales because that plastic is hot garbage. If they were made out of PETG or ABS I could get behind it but I can't print either of those. I have some g10 that I could use but I'm not about to bust out a dremel because whatever I make would look sloppy. Alternatively I could buy a cnc drill bit for g10 but I don't like that idea.


    Here are picture of the knife open and closed. I still need to play with the dimensions and model the latch. I realize that I'm ripping hard off of the bm51 morpho but I really don't care because I have such a hard on for it's profile. Once I'm confident in the dimensions I'll do the center of mass calculations to make sure this isn't a worthless fidget spinner. I'll probably need to shorten the blade.


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