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I don't want to die.... Ever ( rant against nature)

BigJim Apr 2, 2008

  1. ilovekittens

    ilovekittens Sailing the seas of cheese Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Bad advise. I've tried it several times and it never seems to work. I'd spend my whole paycheck in one night, buying everyone drinks and telling everyone I'd be dead tomorrow. I just ended up with a bad hangover and getting evicted for not having the rent. The lanlord looked at me like I was an idiot when I told him I lived last night like it was my last and blew threw all my money.

    The wife was thinking we needed life insurance. I told her, I could support myself that I did not need to profit from her death and if I died first, she had a month before the next house payment. Finding a new man with in a month is plenty of time, but bringing him to my funeral is a little tacky. ILK
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  2. Matt Cohen

    Matt Cohen shot down in flames

    Dying doesn't bother me much. When your time comes, you deal with it.

    Live your life, live without much 'want', focus on the good things that you do have, and get the most amount of enjoyment of this life as you can. I'm not saying go overboard either and being carefree and frivolous. Be smart about your choices, and try and find comfort and joy from the small things which we often overlook.

    As a wise friend of mine told me, "There are two rules in this life. Rule #1- Don't sweat the small shit. Rule #2- It's all small shit."
  3. Jeff Marshall

    Jeff Marshall Kydex Bender Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Call me strange, but my biggest fear of dying is to do so with some form of regret. If I am allowed the opportunity, and can die without saying "I wish", I welcome thought of a well lived and fruitful life. I have a couple of "I wishes" left...some "I wish I never" and some "I wish I could". I can't cry over spilled milk so I am solely focused on the latter. As long as I learn from a mistake, I will have far less "I wish I nevers" and far more of the other. That is what I care about. Dying is the easy part...getting there is all about the choices you make that allow you peace when you die. Make good choices in your life and go like hell...No problem.

    Would you agree with the fact that we CHOOSE our path? I mean you have a choice on EVERYTHING every single day...right down to brushing your teeth or pouring a cup of coffee. You CHOOSE to do such acts...it is not programmed into you. Everything you do in life is a choice...you choose to dwell on something in the past, present or future regardless if you can change it, you also choose how many times you say I am sorry or buy a candy bar with a Coke. Choice is simply that...a choice.
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  4. Stabber

    Stabber Stabber's Steel Connection Knife Maker or Craftsman

  5. Poolshark

    Poolshark Captain America Brigade Member

    When I die, if I am driving in my car and get taken out. I hope there is a rocking tune on the radio. I want to go out pumping my fist in the air, not listening to some whiney crap.
  6. RoadFish

    RoadFish Cathar Knight

    What is all this whining! Death is a natural part of the life cycle. After thinking about this for a while, death really isn't an unwelcome event to me. I have lived a good life. My kids and grand kids will carry on when I will be gone. The only thing that bothers me about death is the means, not the end. Experiencing my Dad's lingering 8 month ordeal with dieing as a direct result of clumsy medical care, taking care of my stroke bitten Uncle for 6 months, caring for my Alzheimer destroyed father-in-law and Mother until their deaths and now caring for my also same diseased mother-in-law, has made me appreciate quality of life. Yes, my only fear is being unable to die at the right time.
  7. ded i

    ded i Friend of The Devil Lady Devil

    None of us are gettin out of here alive :bwah:

    Make good choices because you'll probably be living with them a while.

    The way you live teaches you how to die :yesman:
  8. Sandy Morrissey

    Sandy Morrissey a gentleman leather craftsmen Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Well, being an 85 year veteran in the art of living turned out very well. There is no secret to my longevity, I just keep on breathing! There will be no secret to my demise, I will just stop breathing! Big Deal!!!
  9. MadDaddy

    MadDaddy Pat in the box

    I don't fear dying. I fear my loved one's dying.

    When I die I know the world will keep going. Some folks will be sad, but they will move on.
  10. *~Chri~*

    *~Chri~* dirty talk poster Lady Devil

    I never want to die, honestly.

    But what really fears me is dying by someone else's hands. I have a fear of someone murdering me, brutally killing me, torture, the pain. Mainly, I read too many fucked up serial killer books.

    If I do die, I rather be asleep.
  11. Galloglas

    Galloglas knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I had a fear of death ever since I was a kid and discovered I was mortal. Then, over the last 2 years I experienced true depression and the realization that death might be relief. I still wanna live as long and as well as I can.

    But I'm not afraid to die anymore. I do believe even silence and not existing at all may be better than some of the alternatives.

    It's the artist thing. Living without the will to create? Take me now.....It's OK.

    It's all a matter of perspective I guess. I'm not afraid of anything anymore let alone death.
  12. fisherman

    fisherman Hawaiian Style

    I aint afraid of death, I have lived a good life have had loads of experiences with no regrets. I would worry about my kids though, as I want give them advice, protect them and see them grow up and have babies of thier own.
  13. Michelle

    Michelle m1 Lady Devil

    "I don't want to gain immortality through my work.... I want to gain immortality by NOT DYING". - Woody Allen

    I cant relate to that a bit.

    But bottom line is, if you are stressing out about dying, its because you aren't necessarily *living* to your fullest potential and somewhere inside of you you are aware of that.

    I used to have a HUGE issue about dying... like if I started thinking about it I could work myself into a full blown anxiety attack. Problem was, I didn't have enough fulfilling parts of my life going on, so I had time to dwell on the dying aspect. This whole weird "If this is all there is, I'm gonna feel ripped off when I go." The way to fix that is to have your life full. Full of things you believe in, full of friends, full of desires, full of spirituality, whatever works for you, but the best thing of all is full of love and purpose. It's a great distraction to the whole dirt nap thing... and gives you some semblance of peace about the inevitable.

    That being said, if I ever find out vampires are real......... you bet your ass I'm signing up for that shit! :bwah:

  14. Clydetz

    Clydetz Forever straight and true Brigade Member

    My younger sister never wanted to grow old... she still thinks she's Peter Pan!
  15. Bruce

    Bruce New Jersey's *other* Bruce

    Then I'll just call you Wendy. :bruce: :bwah:
  16. Jarlaxle

    Jarlaxle frenchtickler

    I kinda see death as an ancient tradition all living things have to participate in. Billions of years from now the universe will likely expend all of its energy and drift endlessly as a chilly wasteland (or start pulling back in on itself or..etc). I say enjoy the comfortable distance from that big fire thing in the sky and learn to swim (so your great great great grandchildren will have stronger chance at survival).:jdsmokin:
  17. Basko

    Basko Huge member

    I'm pretty sure nobody's asleep when they die. If you were sleeping, dying is going to wake you the fuck up.

    Unless you are on narcotics of some sort. Then you might not know. Until it was too late.
  18. Tinysd

    Tinysd Skull Cracker Brigade Member

    Thanks for that ray of sunshine. :bwah:
  19. BigJim

    BigJim Justabuyer Fucktard

    RoN is goNna die chOkinG on teh coCk. :kingkaxt:
  20. Bobert

    Bobert Look what I can do!


    Second verse same as the first!

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