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I <3 Mike Snody thread

Pesky_human Aug 14, 2014

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  1. Pesky_human

    Pesky_human Average member

    I have been lurking on this forum for some time, but this thread drew me to finally post.

    Good to meet you guys.

    Here's my disclaimer. I have known and worked with Mike Snody for the last 5 years in various capacities, from knife production to communications, and just about everything else. Mike and I come from completely different worlds, but I feel like I understand him about as well as anybody outside of his family.

    1. Mike Snody has been making world class knives for the last 16 years or so. Anyone with any knowledge of history of the knife game, and/or has ever owned or handled any one of his customs knows this.

    2. Shit on his videos or whatever all you want but his craft skills are undeniably world class. He puts $ on some of his work, but it's basically a crass display of skill. The fit and finish of his work is in a league that he can do whatever he wants. Mike is widely misunderstood on a personal level, but his design and execution skills are indisputable. His haters are legion, but he has chosen a path to stand out from his peers and has done so. For every one guy in the knife community that doesn't "get it" because of the videos, there are 5 more that are blowing up his phone trying to get anything he makes, 20 more non-knife people trying to buy anything that says "Snody" on it, and probably 100 other people getting in Earl's face trying to snag whatever is coming next.

    3. If you don't like the marketing, that's fine. It's not for everybody. It's not designed to be. In his life and in his work, Mike is a craftsman, an entertainer, and a genius. The videos are difficult for a lot of people to understand because the knife community is so comfortable with some old guy with bib overalls and tobacco juice dripping off his chin and a confederate flag in the background. A guy that has gold teeth, a Jeezy track blasting in the background, and is talking about the hood (have you spent any time in Corpus? I have lived in east LA, and Mike's old shop is in an area that makes the fucked up parts of LA look like Beverly Hills) is understandably jarring. Don't get it twisted, though. Mike is about as real a guy as you can possibly find on this planet. I have to laugh at the keyboard commandos calling him a douchebag in this thread who would not only never say that to his face, but would actually piss themselves in his presence.

    4. His mentors are legends. His production and custom designs are as forward as anyone. His demand has outstripped his supply since he started making knives. He doesn't do the order-book / wait for 3 years for a knife bullshit that a lot of guys do, because he is actually ethical and is not at a point in his career where he needs to have a guy send him a drawing of some knife and have him execute it, holding his hand all the way. Mike is an artist in the truest sense of the word. He has the shortest attention span and highest finish standards of anyone I have ever met. There are literally crates of blades in his shop that other makers would have turned into product that would be sold to customers. That doesn't fly for Mike. Mike is so efficient now that he has probably only produced a dozen paperweights in the 5 years I have been around his shop. That gives him about a .995 batting average, given the amount of custom product he has produced in that time, including everything from CF chopsticks, shank kits, $200 fixed blades, $3000 folders, and everything in between.

    5. The bali is dope. I have seen and handled it. It has a greater blade to handle ratio than anything I have ever seen. The blade is so large that it doesn't look like it is going to fit in the handle. The grind is fucking bananas, as per usual for Mike Snody. Unless you are a super-advanced ninja flipper, I don't recommend helicoptering one of these, because, like all of Mike's knives, they are razor fucking sharp. If you want to spend the afternoon picking up the ends of your fingers or stitching up the side of your head doing that thing where you throw the knife at your ear, then do you. As a real world cutting tool, this thing is going to be a beast. It's not a $200 piece of crap. It's a Snody balisong. If that doesn't excite you, you should probably check your pulse.

    6. Show after show, discussion after discussion, I have yet to run into anybody who has any complaints about a piece of Mike Snody's craft. I have asked without any background. People seem to be willing to deal with a bit of lock rock, off center blades, and all sorts of fit and finish problems on custom knives. That never made any sense to me. I have not heard one single complaint on anything that has come out of Mike's shop in the 5 years I have known the guy, regardless of whether we are talking about a $50 piece of titanium bling or a $2500 liner-lock. The quality control is like a dentist's office. I had an extremely high level of quality control before I ever set foot in south Texas. Mike took my concept of QC and took it to another level. The product is either impeccable or it's not. If it's impeccable, it goes in a box and arrives at your home. If it's not, it is used to scribe other blades that will be.

    This isn't a sales pitch for the bali, or for Mike Snody. If nobody on this forum bought anything from Mike, it wouldn't hurt his feelings or his business. I just think it is important for those not familiar with his work, skills, and history to get a real taste of what he about on a real level before jumping to conclusions based on the few trolls in this thread.

    Please feel free to PM / e-mail me, and thank you for your time. ©
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  2. Ronlad

    Ronlad Vox Diabolus Administrator

    TL;DR. :giggle:

    You should have posted a proper introduction in the proper area.

    Now, instead of that we have you holding Snody's jockstrap. Good on you. Let him "fight" his own battles. DOOFUS. (Sorry, ULTIMATE FAN BOI!) :bwah: :bwah: :bwah: :bwah: :bwah:
  3. AnthonyTheAbyss

    AnthonyTheAbyss Godzilla Size Member JDBA Official Member

    Fo shizzle?

    ***I've been defending the term "fanboy":facepalm:
  4. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Lurking all this time and never once did you pay attention to the rules.....
    Also I'm one of the people whom has chosen to give Snody a chance, yet if too many of his "fanboys" act like this, I may draw a different opinion of his type of consorts. An argument is not always won by the argument.
  5. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    Who are you, and why would I care about your opinions (all 483 of them in your wall o' text)?

  6. D2AP

    D2AP Better than gold or platinum

    If his jock strap is anything like his videos then it probably stinks.
    AnthonyTheAbyss likes this.
  7. Parker

    Parker Former Village People Roadie Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Hey, don't knock his videos. I was featured in one.
  8. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    Naked again?

    Parker likes this.
  9. Andy T

    Andy T Gentle Giant JDBA Official Member

    I like the vids of his I have seen on YT...which one were you in "P"? link please!:manganr:
  10. elusiveweasle

    elusiveweasle Brigade Member Brigade Member

    That sounds like some keyboard commando spin doctoring to me.

    LMFAO at "piss themselves in his presence".

    Has that happened to you? If so I would suggest seeking the advice of a medical professional.
  11. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    I agree, prostate issues are no joking matter. Seek medical attention, or hop in the nearest pocket if scared!
  12. Tinysd

    Tinysd Skull Cracker Brigade Member

    Holy fucking man love!

    Snody makes nice knives. He also seems to have the ability to turn some of the owners of his knives into white knights rushing to defend his honor.

    What did you think your post would accomplish?

    Also, does Earl know he is cheating on him with you? :bwah:
  13. Linos

    Linos baliholickydexbender JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman

    ...wtf is Earl?
  14. Tinysd

    Tinysd Skull Cracker Brigade Member

    Another Snody white knight from years ago. He had a thing for Parker. :bwah:
  15. Parker

    Parker Former Village People Roadie Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Wait, I missed that bit. I don't read walls of text left by fucktarded sycophants.

    Lemme get this straight.....Corpus Christi will make Englewood, either LA or Chicago, look like kiddie-land and this human cartoon tells me I'd piss myself if faced with another human cartoon.

    Maybe I'm up late, or gift up early so it seems late, or the Rolling Rocks make it seem late. But fuck this little cartoon. Bring it, Suzy. Bring it hard. It will be educational, amusing or both, depending on one's perspective as well as one's role in the play.

    Snody can make a decent knife when he remembers to grind both sides of the blade and add handles. The rest is somewhere between the hard-use fantasies of the Strider crowd and the blinged-up fever-dreams of CutThroat Knives on an acid binge.


    Tiny made me laugh so hard I peed straight Rolling Rock :devil1:
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2014
    Tinysd likes this.
  16. Bruce2

    Bruce2 Enormous member

    I have a benchmade snody nekker...I might have to off it because this is so gay. Fuck
  17. Coconutfilipino

    Coconutfilipino JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Trying to stay open and neutral, but...

    Drew you to post? ...Drew you to post?!???
    (Or did you mean to say "Drew you to join, so you COULD post?)

    -Or to join, and then speak for someone else, (who from what I have seen), has no shortage of words or things to say.

    -If he is everything you say he is, then neither (he OR his Bali) will need you trying to talk him up, because his legion of followers will buy it all up.--so why post?
    -all those just waiting to buy his stuff, and so: Why would you worry about anything that WE say/post?


    I'd suggest letting Snody (and his knife) speak for themselves... on their own. please,
  18. S.Shepherd

    S.Shepherd knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman


  19. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    I'm just not sure how necessary any of that rant was.

    I do not know Mike Snody and know that Benchmade did a number of knives with his name on them a few years back and that he makes knives that people either like or don't like.

    All makers make knives that some people will like and other do not like.

    I am pretty sure that Mr. Snody has not been a topic around here for quite a while so I see no point to the rant.

    If he is making a butterfly knife I'm confident it will sell well - they all seem to - with price not really being an object. Has there been some kind of blow-up on our bali-song forum about it ?

    If so - it will not matter - they will buy the knives anyway.

    I guess this guy registered - posted his rant and has not been back.

    Having read the rant - I'm not sure Mr. Snody would even approve of it.

    It seems to want to alienate people instead of help sell the knives.

    Just my observation.

  20. elusiveweasle

    elusiveweasle Brigade Member Brigade Member

    and as for this comment............

    Go fuck yourself with a pointed stick. :devilfinger:
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