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how to: sign up and participate

MadDaddy Jun 29, 2006

  1. MadDaddy

    MadDaddy Pat in the box

    The process is pretty simple. When you see a pass-around posted that you would like to participate in, you will simply post in the thread that you would like to be part of it and email the required info (see bellow) to the person running the pass.

    Bellow is what will be posted in all sign-up threads, first would be the info and pic of the knife, then the following:

    Shipping order will be arranged geographically (not by sign up order). Please let me know if you think that there are any times in the next 3 months that might be a problem for you to receive the passaround and I’ll try to work around your schedule.

    - The Rules -

    By signing up or by participating in any way with this passaround you agree to meet and abide by all of the following rules, terms and conditions:

    You must be an adult over 18 years of age and reside in the U.S.A. to sign up or participate in this passaround.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that the passaround knife is used, carried and/or possessed in a safe and lawful manner from the time that it is delivered to you or your address until you mail it to the next participant.

    You must agree to and abide by all of the Jerzeedevil.com passaround rules found here: http://www.jerzeedevil.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10731

    Also read and understand the following:

    This comprises the "Shrink Wrap Warranty" for the passaround knife that is described elsewhere in this message. By participating in the passaround you agree and warrant that:

    - You are considered an adult under your jurisdiction.

    - You can legally posses, carry, ship and receive the passaround knife.

    - You take full responsibility for this knife and its use while in your possession.

    - That you are participating in research and your comments and conversations about the passaround knife are limited to JerzeeDevil forums.

    Keep the passaround up to 2 weeks (this will vary by number of participants) and PERSONALLY send it to the next person by U.S.P.S. Priority Mail or equivalent shipping method/company, with delivery conformation and insured for $xxx.xxx (to be determined by cost of knife) This will typically cost you about 7-10 dollars

    When you receive the passaround please post in this thread as soon as possible so that we can keep track of it, also please post when you send it on to the next person.

    And, please, post a review (a few lines will do) in the Knife Review & Testing forum.

    To sign up, post in this thread and EMAIL me (use the email in my profile) the following:

    Passaround: Whatever knife is up

    JerzeeDevil screen name:

    Real name:

    Street address: (Please, no PO boxes)


    HOME phone:

    Any other active passarounds that you are currently signed up for:

    If you are new here or do not post frequently or if I have any problems confirming your sign up information, I will most likely need to contact you by email or phone for additional information. If you would like to have the passaround shipped to your work, please include your work street address, phone number/extension and company Email in addition to your home phone and street address.
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