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How to get started flipping?

badredfish Oct 22, 2012

  1. badredfish

    badredfish Little member

    Ok - I had a BM51 and was having a great time playing with it till I lost it - do not know where it went - Boo MF Hiss - LOL

    I have a Microtech T II on order would like to ask the great talent here what would be the best order of moves/flips to start with.

    What order would you recomend to learn the different flips? Then what routine would you work them into?



    Yes I am a redheaded step child

  2. Andy T

    Andy T Gentle Giant JDBA Official Member

    IMO just practice every basic move you can find and keep progressing as you can. Just flip it.
  3. echoshock

    echoshock Huge member

    Agreed, you gotta just go for it, no matter if you suck at first.
  4. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Bali Demon JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Look up Bitehandle and Calvin Nation's Tutorials. Learn basic openings. Learn combos. Learn intermediate moves. Learn more combos. Learn advanced moves.
  5. SockMonster

    SockMonster Huge member

  6. Cpfrombv

    Cpfrombv Huge member

    SockMonster hit the nail on the head. Getting the basics going good helps with other tricks. I sorta jumped around after that, going with the index roll over, Y2k & Orbit. Then the Cherry Picker, Behind the 8 ball and then the Hellbent. Whatever you do, just have fun with it and keep flippin' :manganr:
  7. Kenny_Powers

    Kenny_Powers Level: True Devil

  8. DeadPuppy

    DeadPuppy JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Step 1: Obtain a knife with two swinging handles (balisong)

    Step 2: Search youtube for balisong tutorials (nearly any will do, just figure anything out and the rest will come with time).

    Step 3: Flip the hell out of your knife.

    Step 4: Make a video and post it here
  9. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

  10. KaOsBlAkBlAdE

    KaOsBlAkBlAdE Huge member JDBA Official Member

  11. deadpool

    deadpool merc with the mouth

    commitment is key. A lot of dudes get into it,hit a wall then give up. You cant just try until you fail and then say fuck it (unless you are a commie, and we hate commies). So just start out basic and move up.There is no real other way of doing it.
  12. Parker

    Parker Former Village People Roadie Knife Maker or Craftsman

    This is how it was done in 1986-1987. It still holds water today. You can find vids of anything on the net, and you can use those as tutorials. But really, you gotta use the knife.

    Use it as a sharp tool on a daily basis, it's far cooler than making vids. It's the actual integration of the knife into your life which develops the respect for it and the edge that the edge requires.

    Also, learn how to keep it sharp. A dull knife is just a useless trinket unless you're trading a box of them to the natives for Manhattan or Louisiana.
  13. SkullTalls

    SkullTalls Huge member

    Nobody mentioned band-aids yet :thumbsup:
  14. SockMonster

    SockMonster Huge member

  15. Chris_Himself

    Chris_Himself Bay Area Devil Alliance

    I like this guy.

    Um I'm still not a very good flipper and I don't really think anything of that. There are plenty of good resources, just youtube everything and like 25% of the people on here most likely have a youtube channel where they upload cool vids.

    Learn the basic moves from CalvinNation, Cutlerylover, MPSecare and a few others. For combo work, I watch Supersourmilk, Nardath, Silent Jay, Bitehandle, and Judgemodollar... but you may have to download the video and watch it in SUPER SLOW MOTION because these guys are fast.

    Don't worry if the moves look stiff and you do it really slowly, it comes with practice as well as the actual physical conditioning part of it. You will get tired, you will get cut, my advice is to just learn proper first aid so that you will be prepared for it when it comes up. My friend dropped a double edge weehawk into his ankle, stopped the bleeding and actually stitched it up himself.. but thats an extreme scenario. Plenty of threads on first-aid, avoiding cuts, and starting off.
  16. WhichGunDotCom

    WhichGunDotCom Little member

    Here is a list of progressively more difficult moves which would be good for a beginner. Links to Youtube videos detailing how these moves are made are provided.

    I recommend learning them in the order as listed.

    1. Basic vertical opening
    2. Basic horizontal opening
    3. Fast draw (a good move to know if you EDC a balisong)
    4. Ice pick spin
    5. Improved ice pick spin (which puts the blade facing away from you rather than towards you like the regular one)
    6. Basic twirl
    7. Y2K rollover
    8. Horizontal thumb rollover (skip to 1:07 in the video) (basically a horizontal version of the Y2K rollover)
    9. Zen rollover (a variation on the horizontal thumb rollover)
    10. Basic aerial (actually less difficult than some of the above moves, but aerials are frightening at first, so it is better to get your confidence up by learning a bunch of other moves first)

    This will get you started, and will keep you busy for a while.
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  17. LV-223

    LV-223 Average member

    Excellent list, I learned these first in more or less that order as well. The only thing I'd add to it is Fanning, it's an excellent way to get to know your particular knife.

    As briefly mentioned by SockMonster, superglue is fantastic. Not only is it way cheaper than band-aids, it's less bulky and easier to flip with superglued cuts than band-aids IMO. Just don't get any on your knife! :thumbsup:
  18. wcjohn

    wcjohn Sum Quod Sum JDBA Official Member

  19. SonicDaEdgehog

    SonicDaEdgehog Huge member

    I don't have a soul...:ssad:
    God must have forgotten about THIS ginger.... damnit. lmfao

    Oh well, on topic- Parker and Deadpuppy pretty much nailed it. It is really just a trial and error type of thing. The part that matters most is how long you can keep the trials up after a bunch of those errors. Some peeps get scared away after a few nicks and cuts- others move on to greatness = ie; looseyfur, honorher, fkespydrfly, knifezoid and quite a few others.
    First time i got a bad cut with a butterfly- i just became more driven/stubborn to learn that move... and every new move since. Determination= art flipping genius:thumbsup:
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 26, 2012
  20. Looseyfur

    Looseyfur OG Flipper JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman

    the other day my wife and I saw a fat guy jogging like a madman up the street... I said to her "look at that fatty go!" she replied, "well he may not make the Olympics, but hes definitely lapping everyone still sitting on the couch".

    thats how you get started flipping.

    my wife is pretty smart.

    keep em flippin-
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