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How did you get into balisong?

TheBombGamerTag Apr 26, 2012

  1. kxchaput

    kxchaput Huge member

    I first encountered balis when i was young, in both punisher movies, with dolf lundgren and tom jane. I loved them, but soon forgot. Then years later my friend started a clothing company called villains co. and for a long time his logo was a V filled with weapons, and one was a bali. I then decided i wanted to make my own, my friend had a friend who had one and sold it to me. And thus mt addiction bloomed. I watched the outsiders just for the bali, i loved it but felt let down by the general story. Now i just get super stoked whenever i see one on tv
  2. nitegaunt

    nitegaunt Average member

    For me it all started when I was about 10 or 11 years old and thought I was a ninja. My friends and I were all about any kind of martial arts weapons. I started taking Karate, bought all the awesome magazines of the time, and watched many a Shaw Brothers movie. I remember Kung Fu Theater on USA was one of my fave times for TV. So, I had a cheapo bali back then but I didn't know how to do much beyond a latch drop and basic opening. Over the years I've owned them here and there. Mostly cheapos, Bear and Son and stuff like that. Then about two years ago I discovered Slash, Cutlerylover, and all the amazing bali stuff going on on Youtube. I was inspired to get a decent bali that would last and so I picked up my Kimura II. Since then I've slowly learned more and more stuff and smoothed it out. I've somehow ended up with a decent little bali collection and some quasi-decent skills.
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  3. TheBombGamerTag

    TheBombGamerTag BrokenBlades


    Pictures, or it didn't happen!
  4. rickymtz

    rickymtz Huge member

  5. WyldStyl3

    WyldStyl3 Never gunna give you up JDBA Official Member

    WANT!! :devilzeek
  6. nitegaunt

    nitegaunt Average member

    That's awesome! Haha, I love the "my first bali"!
  7. brokeflipper

    brokeflipper Huge member

    found one in my dads old tool box :manganr:
  8. Glenn

    Glenn Sol Invictus Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Back in 1979, I was 16. I use to go down to China Town in Manhattan NYC. I picked up my first CCC back in the day . I was too young and unwise to the wonderful things taking place in the balisong manufacturer of the time. Away from the China Specials.

    There was no active internet to point me. :ropeman:

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