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How did you get into balisong?

TheBombGamerTag Apr 26, 2012

  1. worthless

    worthless worthless? Nah!

    That's what it is all about man! Learning at your own pace and having fun.
  2. Mystik

    Mystik That's no ordinary rabbit! JDBA Official Member

    I think you're surprised because most of us have kids of our own by the time Team Fortress came out. :bwah:
  3. Beelzebubbles

    Beelzebubbles JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    My friends and I used to trade crap around all the time, sort of a barter system for poor kids... I scored a super cheap balisong as part of a trade once, I thought it was awesome... I'm sure my friend had probably stolen it from somewhere now that I know him better and I've had time to actually think about it.
  4. ashine

    ashine Little member

    Haha true, I do feel like a younger member on these forums. Balisongs can be loved at any age! :manganr:
  5. Luke Enas

    Luke Enas JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Well I guess Ive been a bali guy for 12 years or more. I'm 32 now.

    When I was 19 me and a friend of mine went backpacking across Europe. By the time we finished i knew i wanted to bring home a otf switchblade as well as a butterfly knife. Back then the internet was in its early years at least as far as speed and commerce went.
    I bought my OTF in Rome and my first balisong in Nice France. My friend i had been traveling with got pink eye in Nice right before our final stop and leaving back for my home point Paris to NY.
    I had no idea how to open my balisong but was intrigued buy the puzzle aspect of it. I learned the basic opening of it on my train ride to Paris. Quite a feet without any teaching or so I thought.
    While In Paris I was almost mugged by a bunch of teenagers. I saw them coming and had my bali in hand as they approached. It never got real physical but as the first one touched my pocket I had my bali out and open. They left without further indecent. One had pulled out a zippo lighter i guess to scare me but they kept walking.
    I was scared very scared to be in that situation alone in a foreign city where English is frowned upon. I left two days later back to NY.

    My story will continue but I must run.

  6. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Bali Demon JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Someone asked about this topic. I'm just bumping it up.

    Sure there are more effective knives for EDC? There are more effective knives for utility. Hell, there are faster knives for opening in self defense. I feel I can open any knife with a thumb stud or hole faster than a Balisong. However, this has become an art for many people here.

    The days when I was growing up, the basic stuff blew people's minds. Then people like looseyfur,fke, judgemollar, feenxfire, nardath, Vincent dark, and others took it to the art form level. Tutorials by cutlery lover, Knifezoid, calvinnation, Vincent dark, and others brought many people who were willing to work at it, up to another level.

    I reached a sticking point, and I haven't been able to get over that hump. I took up other hobbies, but I'm getting back on track. The crazy aerials I won't do, but I do like aereolas. Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

    I'd love to see more creativity like we saw in the past couple of years from Vincent, fkespyderfly and Sarahea who made awesome fucking solo and collaboration videos. That was some serious entertainment. That is how I see the JDBA. Pooling talent/techniques/ideas, and bringing some bad ass knives to the forefront.

    It is also why I'll support a new Balisong maker by buying a knife, or a prototype. It shows my support for the greatness that I've seen over the years.
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  7. TheBombGamerTag

    TheBombGamerTag BrokenBlades

    Before I got into balisong I spent a lot of time blowing things up, shooting terrorist in the face, and getting shot at from behind. Now I spend all that time flipping and learning new tricks. Flipping has become not only an obsession but a passion and a daily activity....

    Oh, did I mention that the blowing stuff up and crap was about video games? :manganr: :madaddy: :bwah:

    Edit: I saw I was sub'd to this thread. So I wondered about what I had said earlier so I started going backward (page 4,3,2, then 1), and finally I realized "I started this thread!! :facepalm:"
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  8. Mpsecare

    Mpsecare Owl Man

    that's awesome hahaha

  9. Mystik

    Mystik That's no ordinary rabbit! JDBA Official Member

    I saw a friend of a friend flipping a CCC behind a church one day and got pretty interested into it. I was already into knives but this was the first time seeing a balisong in person. The next day, I went to his "source" and got one for myself... Then it all went uphill from there. :manganr::yuna:
  10. DBIII

    DBIII Little member

    As a kid my father used to get "the Edge Company" catalogs that had a ton of balis in them. I would dream about having some of those knives, but never had the money or permission to buy one. Later, I became a big Benchmade auto fan and bought a bunch of them. Then I started partying and was only into that and girls......knives got left behind for awhile. Joined the JD a little over a year ago and just lurked for awhile and got an education from some of the FOGs around here. Finally made the leap a few months back with a twist from Glenn. Have since purchased a 62 and 67. Waiting for the AB and Tachy II emails now. I've always appreciated high quality knives and now I REALLY appreciate a high quality balisong, just wish they were not so damned pricey!
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  11. King Ghidorah

    King Ghidorah Average member

    My love for balisongs started about 8 years ago when I bought a jaguar. I was pretty much drawn to how unusual it was and had fun just playing around with it. I went on to get an arc-angel as my first high-quality bali (back when they were 'cheap') and collecting on from then. Only the past year or so have I started seriously working on improving my fipping and found this and other message boards a big help.
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  12. lerxst

    lerxst Huge member

    The 80s movies also had an influence on me.

    I've been into knives since I can remember and back in the early 80s I started taking jujitsu and would pour over a local martial arts supplier, AWMA, catalog. Bought a cheapie/ccc-style of that era (along with a bunch of throwing stars of course) and started flipping. Don't know where that knife went to over the years.

    With the resurgence in popularity, the bug bit me again so I picked up a K5. I suck & now that I'm flipping something with an actual edge, I've come to realize how many bad habits I picked up with that dull cheap bali years ago. Only way to go is up at least :Devilroar:
  13. krhen

    krhen Huge member

    Since high school in the 80's. Friend in Karate class brought one in and then I harassed my parents for about two months before they let me get a Gypsy from Murphy's Mart. Then I began the quest :manganr:
  14. Nozh

    Nozh Little member

    I Saw the 42 in the movie Kick Ass and i got interested so i build a Lego bali folowing a tutorial on youtube :manganr: and i learned basic tricks with it and i loved it. So i baught a ccc and I actualy still have it since 3 years of intensive flipping :thumbsup: only the latch broke. Now i flip every day and i baught other knives of course :)
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  15. Chris_Himself

    Chris_Himself Bay Area Devil Alliance

    Steo sold me my first BM51
    Silkworm sold me my first BM42
    FirefighterB sold me my first 29

    Somewhere down the line I end up getting more custom balisongs for whatever reason :ross:
  16. Weka952

    Weka952 Little member


    How i got into knives is my dad always bought knifes from frost cutlery and i didnt think much of it until he bought me one...
    im about to buy my first bali so m pretty happy:bwah: :ross:
    just hoping ill like it... really want one xD
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  17. empyC

    empyC Average member

    I've been interested in knives as long as I can remember, but balis never really interested me until I saw a cheap one a buddy of mine had that he didn't really use. I bought it off him for ten bucks. I learned a little from CalviNNation and a little on my own. Now here I am with a complete infatuation with the damned things.
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  18. azswinger

    azswinger Huge member

  19. krhen

    krhen Huge member

    Congratulations man. My son is saving for his first "real" one too - has his heart set on a Benchmade of some sort, and I'm sure he'll get it!
  20. Baliguy

    Baliguy Huge member

    I bought a Ninja kit when I was a young kid that had a gold plastic balisong and some plastic stars. The balisong was actually full sized and it could be flipped once you loosened the pivots. A few months later a friend of the family showed me basic opening and closing.

    I bought, traded for or was given balisongs over the years always cheap CCC's.

    So, I always had one but generally just knew basics. I bought my first high end balisong just before the BM42 was discontinued and I have been working on techniques ever since. I want to expand my balisong collection with the Tach II up next.
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