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  1. Elartedematar

    Elartedematar Tiny Member

    Hi Devil's,
    After year's of searching and missing a few opportunities, I found a Bali I always wanted.
    I've owned a couple Erickson's before but I found the exact configuration (Scimitar Blade)
    I've always wanted.
    I thought I'd share with you some vintage goodness
    Erickson balisong Scimitar Blade, Ebony inlay, stainless steel channel handles. I think these Balisong's mostly had ATS-34 blade steel but I'm not sure
    This is an earlier "Eric" stamped blade, but I don't know when it dates to.
    I do like newer Bali's but I always seemed to be drawn to the old school one's. Probably because my age and growing up in the 80's. I'm having trouble with my digital scale but it flashed 5.6 & 7 ounces before it kept reading error. I don't know if that sounds around the correct weight for these Bali's. To me, it's not particularly heavy although heavier than modern Balisong's with titanium and such. I'm not a real flipper, so the flipping I do, weight and handle length etc isn't really an issue. Feels comfortable in my hands
    My picture and picture posting skills suck but I'm going to try to upload image.

  2. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Well, you can't upload albums, you gotta do each pic individually. Like this....



    Oh yeah, nice blade ya got there.
  3. Elartedematar

    Elartedematar Tiny Member

    Thank you Sir!
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  4. gunlove

    gunlove Average member

    That's a real beauty!
  5. Shawnjohn999999

    Shawnjohn999999 Huge Member

    I'll buy it.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2021
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