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Historical Knives on RCC

namor Feb 16, 2016

  1. namor

    namor Huge member

    Say what you will about the concept, but you cannot deny the LDC project was an interesting and unique experiment in tactical folders. I just noticed many of the LDC folder prototypes are for sale on Les' site, pretty much at the ~1996 prices they originally sold for. There are some really nice tactical folders going at 20 year old prices - and these are actually handmade customs by some of knifemaking's finest talents, not computer generated machinist's specials.
  2. Les Robertson

    Les Robertson Guru of Steel Knife Maker or Craftsman

    LDC Folder

    Hi Namor,

    Thank you for your post. When Bob Neal and I came up with this concept it had never been done before in custom knives. As such we were told by everyone it would never work.

    Fresh off receiving my MBA I was confident we could make this happen. Bob Neal was an exceptional wealth of knowledge of information when it came to folders. My strength was the designing (in collaboration with the makers) and the marketing of these sets and individual knives.

    While today the knives may seem fairly pedestrian. At the time the use of Titanium bolsters and carbon fiber on folders was in its infancy.

    Line extension followed; 10 and 20 knife folder cases...still the best available. Hats, T-Shirts, individual knife pouches, etc.

    We also started to present makers with the LDC Tactical Folder award at all the major shows.

    It was 20 years ago...but seems like just yesterday.

    Again, thank you for posting this on JD!

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