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WT351 Jan 2, 2005

  1. ARtsig1

    ARtsig1 BANNED Fucktard

    Yep, the Lockbar Stabilizer that Strider uses is done with permission of RH Knives.

    Got my FT 165 in on Wednesday and to say I'm happy is not a strong enough word! Rick exceeded my expectations with the bowie styled blade. This blade is 3.6" X .165" and has a long sweeping clip that comes to a needle point. The point is backed up with enough steel to not be fragile. Lockup, action, and fit and finsih could not be better. This is the first framelock that I can compare to the Sebenza and say it is as good if not better! Remember now, I've had plenty of Sebs and I still think they are the best production knife built and that the framelock of the Sebenza is what all custom makers shoot for.

    All in all a great knife and it has so impacted me that a Firetac Extreme w/bowie blade has been ordered! The Extreme model gets into that MEGA class I like so much!! :-D :-D :-D

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