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High Standard Model 10B

fod Dec 18, 2014

  1. fod

    fod Hand of the Box Master Knife Maker or Craftsman

    This is a bit of a grail gun for me. Finally found a good one at a good price.

    High Standard Model 10B. Gas op semi auto 4+1 12 gauge fun.

    Missing the flashlight but I think I'll mount a laser or some tactical light thingy on it. It looks fairly simple to mount a section of pic rail to it where the light was.


    Handle down, sight up:


    BTW, a 24" scale for reference
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  2. TheBadGuy

    TheBadGuy NATURE'S FINEST Super Moderator

    Awesome! I am a big bullpup fan and this one is on my list. I have never got a first hand account of how they shoot. Please post a follow up once you get a chance to use it

  3. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    That is sweet!! Would love to hear how it shoots, shooting comfort.
  4. fod

    fod Hand of the Box Master Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I'm anxious to fire it. . I'll let you know.

    It's heavier than it looks (10lbs?) and gas operated so hopefully not too bad. But then again, it is stamped high brass and 2-3/4" magnums only.




    First impression is whiz bang cool.

    Lots of ahead of the times features for a 50s design.
    flip sight, folding handle, mounted factory light, bullpup, ambi charging handles. The gas cylinder rides on the mag tube, with such tight tolerances that the manual says to run it dry and cautions against oiling the gas parts.

    The housing is three part plastic that requires the front sight to be removed to take it all apart. The whole thing sucks to disassemble and reassemble. Internet instructions required, as the manual is wrong on at least one step. Kinda of a quirky thing.
  5. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member


    Wow, no doubt! I've never even seen or heard of one of these before...not that I remember anyways. With such, really interesting piece...really want to hear some range reports! Get to shooting man and enjoy!!
  6. M.Olexey

    M.Olexey capo of the Texas knifemaking mafia Brigade Member

    I love these things.

    My pops owned three over the years when I was younger....much younger.

    Shot the shit out of them. They need high brass shells to run well but they are damn fun. Not too bad on recoil. I used to shoot them one handed with no issues. That flashlight was the first thing to go even when they were new.

    Cool get!
  7. perado

    perado Shoot to thrill

    When I got to Korea in '67, there was a model 10A (the one with the integral flashlight) in my armsroom. I never got to fire it because the plastic safety was broken and had been on backorder the entire time I was there.
    I had seen a magazine article on it that had a picture of one being fired one-handed with a couple of ejected hulls in the air.
    During an alert, I came upon a Colonel sitting in his M151 out in front of the TOC. He had a 10A leaning next to him. I asked him about it; specifically about the one-handed operation. He confirmed it.
    The only times I've seen them for sale was when I was broke...which is usually. Still a grail.
    BTW, the flashlight sucked.
  8. Parker

    Parker Former Village People Roadie Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Gotta wonder, particularly with the demand for that hinky Kel-Tec pump gun, why someone does not fix the glitches and retool it, and while they're at it, the HS/ Mitchell Arms Sharpshooter, HD Military and Survivalist?

    Flashlight and plastics would be easy, and the action seems like not too much a hassle.

    Or why not just a re-worked HD Military which runs with modern high velocity ammo?
  9. IWantThatKnife

    IWantThatKnife I want that knife Knife Maker or Craftsman

    The only shotgun needed...

    High Standard Model K1200 Riot gun. It has a factory 18-1/8" barrel! image.jpg

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