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Heres anodization using a torch on Bradley

Sharpazzhell Apr 10, 2019

  1. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell locomotive disaster Fucktard

    Now the 1st Video is how you're supposed to hang it and do it. However the 2nd one was on the brick which was the wrong way to do it. The anodization went horrible. I don't think it's good at all but oh up at least I tried. OK guys I got the video Uploaded the 1st one

    Sorry guys The 1st video is taking a while to upload

    I suggest not using windex at all because I noticed when you use that it makes black marks. I would just go back-and-forth side to side only side the side. Then from there just leave it do not put anything on it if you see the metal heat up just stop. Once again this is not professional advice this is just from what I observed
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