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heibel valor and svix co gale

rosetta-stoned May 19, 2021

  1. rosetta-stoned

    rosetta-stoned Tiny Member

    Hey y’all looking to sell these two knives. GALE SOLD

    gale SOLD : machine finish v3 l, has some surface scratches but no chips or dings or anything that can’t be buffed out. no tap, minimal play. asking 300 OBO, i’ll cover shipping you cover fees GALE SOLD

    valor: practically perfect other than a couple small scratches in the ano. small play no tap, never cut or carried. looking for 500 OBO shipped you cover fees OR a straight trade for a kukri AB, Ti bas, zenith 51 or sentinel. I'm open to all trades though, so shoot me an offer, worst I can say is no.

    open to offers and trades on both. this is my first sales post! if you need verification of me, my name is the same on here as on reddit (change the o to an x) snd i have almost 30 confirmed deals on r/knife_swap if you need to check :)

    I accept Paypal only

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    Last edited: May 20, 2021

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