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Having a little phone fun with a persistent salesperson....

waterdogs Jun 20, 2018

  1. waterdogs

    waterdogs Brigade Member Brigade Member

    It wasn`t too long after Nine-Eleven, I was working inside the office, catching up on some paperwork. I answered the phone, and knew right away it was someone trying to sell something. "I`m sorry, but we don`t have a purchasing agent", I told the caller, hoping he`d take the hint and go away...."How about the President of the company, what`s HIS name?" asked the caller "Ed Gladstone" I replied, but I deliberately mis-pronounced it as "Glad-Stone-Nay"...."Can I speak to him?" asked the guy...."No", I replied...."he`s gone for the weekend....try again next week".

    Next week, I`m in the office again, and answer the phone, only to recognize the voice...."Can I speak to Ed Glad-Stone-Nay ?" I said "Please hold"....I put him on hold, and alerted the other office workers. "Here`s that numbnuts that called last week looking for The President", I told them, then put the guy on speakerphone.

    Me: "Hello, can I help you?"
    Him: "Yes, can I speak to the President?"
    Me: "I`m sorry, but the President has been moved to an undisclosed location" (muffled giggles from my co-workers)
    30 seconds of silence....
    Me: "Hello?????"....
    Him: "Uhhhh, okay....how about the VICE President....what`s HIS name ?"
    Me: "Dick Cheney" (more giggles)
    Him: "All right....can I speak to HIM then ???"

    (**Uproarious laughter**)
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