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Hand made his and hers recurve set

Terrapin83 Jun 10, 2019

  1. Terrapin83

    Terrapin83 Little Member

    His and hers recurve set. Blades are made from 1080 high carbon steel. Handles are made from a stabilized buckeye burl and resin composite and finished with linseed oil. Sheathes are made from Kydex. This was a fun, but challenging set to make, with several setbacks during the process, and there are a few minor imperfections, but I finally got them finished up and I'm pretty happy with the end result. 62356028_2334383559940792_3352896125479682048_o.jpg 62435004_2334383903274091_8686870951603732480_o.jpg 62600314_2334384243274057_3947897727613927424_o.jpg 62202063_2334384679940680_5102188729787744256_o.jpg 62156414_2334385229940625_2259366412189433856_o.jpg 62246641_2334385496607265_5328237535795609600_o.jpg 62419126_2334385933273888_6720854452158332928_n.jpg

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