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Hand forged Machete

Terrapin83 Oct 23, 2019

  1. Terrapin83

    Terrapin83 Little Member

    My new Machete.

    Blade: 1095. Hand forged. 20" length.
    Handle: Black/blue single ply G10 w/ orange, grey, & red vulcanized fibre liners.
    Bolster: deer antler & black/red canvas micarta. DSCN4554lq.jpg DSCN4561lq.jpg DSCN4564lq.jpg DSCN4566lq.jpg DSCN4556lq.jpg
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  2. woodlander

    woodlander Brigade Member Brigade Member

    I'd say you are prepared for some serious brush removal. That thing certainly looks like it would be very effective.
  3. Terrapin83

    Terrapin83 Little Member

    For sure. I've been needing a good machete for a while. Finally got around to making myself one. Testing it on some small brush was like slicing through butter. Gonna be fun to put her to use.

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