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Hammer-in in CT "Swords through the centuries" nov 12-13

mpmetal Sep 21, 2016

  1. mpmetal

    mpmetal Dragon's Breath Forge Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Nov 12+13 at the dragons breath forge /falling hammer productions shop in scenic wolcott CT

    It is that time of year again when we smiths of Dragon's Breath Forge turn out thoughts to holding our annual hammer-in,so i am happy to announce this year will be the Fourth Annual "Swords Through the Centuries" Hammer-In! This year we will be looking to the East, both Near and Far, with demos ranging from Indian Wootz battle axe to traditional filipino knives and the making of Japanese katanas.

    Cost is $30 (food not included) and we ask that you preregister at Info@fallinghammerproductions.com. Come join us for a weekend of forging, education, and fun!

    The demonstrators this year are

    Jesus hernandez demoing the making of hamon using interuped water quench (Thank you Jesus!!!)

    Matt Vernier demoing the making of hamon using Parks 50 oil.(and thank you as well Matt!)

    Ryu Lim demoing the forging of a traditional Filipino blade. (looking forward watching Ryu again!)

    and from Dragons Breath Forge

    Michael coffey will be demoing a range of Japanese ferris and non ferris metal working techniques

    Jamie Lundell will be doing a smelt using local ore

    Peter Swarz-burt will be demoing the making of a wootz axe

    We will also be holding a new event, the first annual (hopefully) bladesmithing battle.

    Four of our demonstrators have agreed to participate in my evil plans!

    They have to forge a knife capable of performing a task that they will find out at the beginning of the battle. For our glorious entertainment they will labor for no more than two hours to complete this task. At that time points shall be awarded in three categories to decide the winner. Category one first to finish will get three points, second two points, third one point, category two , my judgement, (I am taking bribes of beer, rum or steel) three point for first ,two second, one third, category three, crowd vote. three points first, two for second one for third. Total points will be counted the winner shall be crowned champion and given a beer ...

    Should be a whole lot of fun.

    participants are Ryu, Matt V., Peter, and Jamie ,,,

    Hope to see you all there! View attachment 137808

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