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Grayman DUA Carbon Fiber

LWRC308 Jan 25, 2015

  1. LWRC308

    LWRC308 Little member

    I have a Grayman DUA up for sale/trade. It's 4 1/4" closed and has a 3 1/4" blade that is scary sharp made of CPM S30V and DLC coated. Titanium framelock with carbon fiber scale. Carried a few times. Small spot on clip. $250 or trade for Microtech Ultratech (I really like the Monkey Edge frag) or a couple Protech Runts or one of there other small autos. Will listen to any trade offers also, and can ship first if you are a long time member. I only accept a postal money order for payment, and shipping is included in the price via USPS Priority. Thanks.

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