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Grand Prarie Knives

baksilum Apr 7, 2011

  1. baksilum

    baksilum Little member

    I ordered two knives from gpknives and both knives had defects! I spoke on the phone with two guys names Bill and Jerry. Both were professional and understanding and very helpful in making things right.

    I will be ordering from them again.
  2. Swatsurgeon

    Swatsurgeon Huge member

    Grand Prarie Knives

    gpknives had THE lowest price on a ZT 0400 anywhere on the net. Not one advertised price was as low as theirs.
    Thanks...will be back for more I'm sure:madaddy:

  3. Bedore

    Bedore Average member


    Recently made a purchase of multiple items from gpknives.com. Would just like to give them a huge +1. They were able to accomodate my shipping request by shipping just hours after I placed my order, and also added extra items to my order that I forgot to add when I placed it. They had excellent/fast email communication and great phone communication as well. Not to mention some of the best prices on the net. Anyhow, thanks to gpknives.com and if anyone is looking for a dealer they can trust and can come back to anytime, check them out.

    * I am not a employee of gpknives.com and have no affiliation to the company except being a happy customer.
  4. jujigatame

    jujigatame Slanted & Enchanted

    Wanted to make note of the lightning quick service I got from GPK. Ordered a knife on Friday afternoon. It was processed & shipped on Saturday. I received the knife today.

    I figured it would process on Monday and arrive by the end of the week. Nope. From the website to my door in less than 72 hours. Toss in a good word for the Post Office as well for speedy first class transit.


    Thanks GPK. I'm glad I spent my cash with you. :thumbsup:

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