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gothic dagger

hellize May 19, 2020

  1. hellize

    hellize knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Did you won a duel today? Did you defend a maiden with questionable honor from a shady cutthroat in the gutter with an empty purse, as it turned out, just to receive a well earned slap from the client-less "virgin"? Did you chase a brat down the alley, who just stole your almost fresh fish, which you have just stolen from the vendor a minute ago? Did you help a tired, drunken dwarf relieve his back pain, unburdening him of that heavy chest of his, just to run into his not too friendly clanfolk at the next corner? Did you haggle with the madame to get a better price on the "merchandise", just to realize you were not quite welcome in the cloister. Did you manage to stab a dragon's tongue with all your might, pinning the beast to an oak tree, just to find out, that was the wrong end of the now hysterically infuriated creature and that was also not his tongue?
    Well now... if the answer is no, then my friend, all you have to do is...

    I have a just finished this gothic dagger.
    It is 50 cm / 20 inch long, with a 30 cm / 12 inch long blade, forged of 5160. The handle is made of stacked leather, treated with acrilic (it is waterproof) with forged crossguard and pommel.
    The point of balance is exactly on the crossguard!
    The scabbard is made of thick cow hide.

    It is 295 usd





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