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! FThis Really Pisses me off.

Uncle_Jarvis Apr 14, 2010

  1. MadDaddy

    MadDaddy Pat in the box

    Kinda too late, you already gave them your money for it, now it is just you who is out of pocket for an Xbox, not Microsoft or China. You should have just donated it to ChildsPlay or something similar.
  2. Uncle_Jarvis

    Uncle_Jarvis Should be a custom title here

    I'm not an idiot naw.:deadevil:.. I bought the xbox 360 on launch day.. I have had 5 give me the red ring of death in a 4-5 year period... This in the picture DIED 3 months after the warranty expired. Every other one that failed me I sent back and got a new one.

    They were good about making things right on the ones under warranty.. I have also gotten a free 20 gb HD and 4 Games for all the trouble dealing with these poorly made
  3. Soup_Monger

    Soup_Monger Should be a custom title here

  4. MadDaddy

    MadDaddy Pat in the box

    Been through that 3 times too, but oddly enough never because of the red rings of death.
  5. Tank Buster

    Tank Buster Rattlehead Devil

    Holy shit dude!
  6. waterdogs

    waterdogs Brigade Member Brigade Member

    A lot of industries were devastated by the Chinese migration....my buddy Red, who became a machinist`s apprentice way back in high school, lost his long-time job when the shop he worked for closed down a few years back.... they had been one of just a few remaining shops in the area. Machine shops are going the way of the dinosaur. Red feels lucky to have found a job as a school janitor....it`s close to home, and he gets benefits, but the sin of it is, here`s a guy with 40 years of skills, pushing a fucking broom to pay the rent....there`s something seriously wrong with that picture....
  7. Fenlore

    Fenlore I am Spartacus! Brigade Member

    it's funny cause I work in an electronics parts store and I can pretty much guarantee you there's no more than $10 worth of parts in there... you know, cause I get to know supplier costs on all that kinda stuff... but more importantly, if there gunna be making 100,000 of one phone they get the parts even cheaper... and that's if it was manufactured in N.America... mind you add in some labour and whatever, but these days it wouldn't be over too much.

    what costs the most in the phone. The display, the second most, the battery... aside form that it's about $0.30-0.40 wortg of parts.

    of course, lest we forget the programming and that probably cost a bit to develope as well... and those costs I know nothing of.
  8. Manganr

    Manganr Devils Supermoderator Super Moderator

    Nowadays even 'Made in the USA' stuff is made from parts manufactured in Asia.

    I have travelled extensively and I can tell anyone who hasn't that the Chinese are some of the most decent people on this planet.

    It just Capitalism at it's finest i'm afraid and you're fucked if you do and they're fucked if you don't........:manganr:
  9. RoadFish

    RoadFish Cathar Knight

    You know, on the other hand, I am always happy to find a Coke wherever I travel.
  10. gzb

    gzb SUPER Moderator* Super Moderator

    I remember hearing that rumor as *fact*...

    SNOPES says>>> NOPE.
  11. falcon125

    falcon125 the express train to mayhem Brigade Member

    not funny

  12. SoToo

    SoToo paranoid self-destroyer


    Yeah... I found that out too. Snopes is constantly reminding me that my life is a lie. :shockedevil:
  13. coronelli

    coronelli Reaper of Endsville

    I think you pretty much nailed it there. All western nations went through the same periods of poor working conditions, pay, etc. China is already pulling out of that to an extent and much of the work they used to perform is now done in other nations. As nations become more prosperous, working conditions improve, prosperity trickles down across borders to other nations. Factory workers in most Asian nations are in far better shape then the millions of rural farm workers, many of whom are still in the 18th century.

    Here in the US, Canada, Europe and other nations, we have a distorted view. The industrial revolution hit us early, we led the world for centuries and as such achieved a level of property that often times gives us a negative view of business practices in more developing nations. We often forget that what we see as worker abuse is generally a better situation for the workers then they had before and a step towards further improvement.

    Change takes time and what some see as taking advantage of workers in poor nations, others would say is crucial to ultimately elevating those same workers to a higher level of prosperity. China, due to it's size and social makeup is also an odd case. It has absolutely 1st world living condition, wealth and power in many areas, combined with third world backwards bastions in others. Of course, no Western nation has 1.1 billion people to contend with either......
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 20, 2010

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