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[FT] Spyderco Swag from the 2012 Amsterdam mini-Meet

Chibbi Nov 4, 2013

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  1. Chibbi

    Chibbi Huge member

    My buddy got this at the Amsterdam Spyderco mini-Meet of 2012, but since he's not a knife-nut he gave it to me. So I wound up with two identical sets. Thought another Spyderco fan might like the opportunity to own this.

    Set consists of Spyderco zipper-bag, 2 catalogs, slip-joint set, USB-stick, beanie, clothes pin in form of Dialex Junior and small commemorative metal badge. Basically everything you see in the pics (except for the background ;) )

    I'll only trade this as a complete set, trade value is hard to set since some items cannot be bought in a store and are very collectable. So for sake of the rules I'm putting up a trade value of $100us, but this is by no means set in stone and I might go for a lower/higer value item.


    Open to all trade offers, but primarily interested in:
    EDC size folding knives of good quality (no serrated or partially serrated edges, no automatics or balisongs pls)
    EDC size fixed blade / neck knife
    Tactical Backpack
    Tactical Vest
    Cool stuff :D

    Fastest way to connect with me is via email chibbiattelenetdotbe

    ps: no pic=no voodoo
    (pic can be provided upon request)
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