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FS: TAD Fast Pack Litespeed + Addons New. Save 30%

Graillist Feb 25, 2019

  1. Graillist

    Graillist Little Member

    TAD Fast Pack Litespeed Loaded with Add-on's - Brand New
    Color: Foliage Green
    These are currently sold out on the TAD website.
    Avoid paying sales Tax plus my additional discount = SAVE 30% from the retail price.
    **I'll throw in a TAD patch
    $450 shipped

    List of add-on's and cost for each add-on, from the TAD website.

    TAD Fast Pack Litespeed Foliage Green $255
    OP1 75
    CP1 50
    GPP1 55
    S1 20
    RDDP1 40
    BC8 16
    BC8 16
    BC4 14
    BC4 14
    2 Battery Case 5
    6 Foliage Green Grimloc Carabiners 15
    Total = $575
    +$50 sales tax 8.75%
    Total = $625 This is what I paid on the website.

    My price $450 shipped USPS Priority.

    Link to the pouches and accessories

    Link to the pack


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