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FS: Strider BN-SS w/ Black Coated Blade - MINT!

namor Oct 18, 2013

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  1. namor

    namor Huge member

    This is the Billy Bad-Ass of Strider Fixed Blades! It is their biggest regular model - BLADE SIZE: 7 1/4"; TOTAL SIZE: 13"; BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless S30-V Steel 1/4" thick. This one has the rarely seen black coating. The full tang handle is Black Cord Wrap, too. It comes with a tan multi-carry nylon sheath.

    It is unused and uncarried, with a razor sharp stainless .25" thick S-30V blade. It has serrations on the blade spine. Its a great knife for all purposes big and small.

    Asking just $old shipped CONUS! Preferred payment is a money order, but will accept paypal in extremis.

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  2. Derrick300

    Derrick300 Little member

    BN Strider

    Ill take this.
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