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FS: Apple Ipod Classic, 80GB, black.

Kalooch135 Sep 12, 2008

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  1. Kalooch135

    Kalooch135 Fireman Ken

    It's time to upgrade to another new Ipod.

    I have an 80GB Black Ipod Classic that is in excellent used condition. It has been protected in an Agent18 shield since I got it. The screen has been additionally protected with an Invisible Shield and is totally scratch free. The Black aluminum front is free of scratches as well. Like all Ipods the stainless steel back is susceptible to scratches and has the usual marks due to use (you will not be getting the shield). I can either leave everything on it or reformat it...your choice. I have over 3500 songs and various videos on it. You can use SharePod to take the music and videos off and save them if you wish. You can contact me to find out how if you are having difficulty. Comes with cable and earbuds but no box (my kid took it to make a bed for her pet mouse which has since died. I then used it as a coffin.[​IMG]). I will also include a Body Glove case with clip.

    I am asking $200 + $10 shipping and insurance. I prefer money order on this one but will accept Paypal + 3.5% if that's how you roll.

    I will not be accepting trades on this one so don't even ask. [​IMG]
Thread Status:
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