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forged defense key

Bango Skank Feb 20, 2015

  1. Bango Skank

    Bango Skank Level: True Devil

    So we have a drunk problem in my town. They are literally everywhere, all the time. A person here is just used to a half drunk person walking up to them panhandling for money or whatever. So with that in mind I made a few of these little things. it would be hard to deal a lethal blow but they will do damage. they also can open beer for those that can figure it out.

    They started as mild steel rod. I cut them hammered them square and twisted them. I used a bench grinder for the tips and a hand file to cut the texturing.


    The key rings are from GBU-12 safing gear.
  2. c219460

    c219460 Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Those would look great on keychain even if you never needed to use it for anythign else! :thumbsup:

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