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For Sale or trading Microtech Socom Elite Clip Point Auto D2 w/Glassbreaker Satin 4" Blade x2

konan76 Mar 4, 2018

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  1. konan76

    konan76 I am a lurker and need to introduce myself!

    SOLD ...

    Very rare and hard to find Socom Elite Auto. Bought it new and only opened it a handful of times and never carried and it's in 10/10 condition. Comes with original box and papers. It was born on 04/2006. Feel free to contact me via email: geokalako@yahoo.gr. I will ship with dhl and delivery is 3 working days with track number and insurance.If you have a medford marauder the old model in close to 10 to 10 condition , please send to me a pm or a email and we discuss. The Knives is sitting to my closet open for 10 years at dry conditions .

    The price is 400 per unit including shipping and paypal.
    The items are two with 1) serial 00181 10/2005
    2)serial 00224 02/2006

    The have all the paper and the original box .

    Description of the knives
    Microtech Socom Elite automatic knife and Microtech Socom manual folding knives. The Microtech Socom manual and Socom Elite Automatic Knife Closed is 5.1" with an overall open length of 9.11" and a 4.05" D2, .174" thick, RC60 blade. the Handle is 6061-T6 Aluminum Hard Coat Anodized Handle Thickness of .55" tapered to .43". Comes with pocket clip. Approximate weight 5.6 ounces. The Microtech Socom Elite automatic knife sets the highest standard for automatic tactical utility cutlery since the inception of the original SOCOM in 1996. It has been the flagship of their automatic folding knife line. The auto Socom has a unique handle shape that molds to your hand and is integrated with a glass breaker in the base of the handle and a large actuating button that allows easy opening with a glove which adds to its impressive stature. The SOCOM's rugged reliability, makes it the first choice for the special operations community.

    20180302_000431.jpg 20180302_000439.jpg 20180302_000510.jpg 20180302_000610.jpg 20180302_000639.jpg 20180302_000651.jpg 20180302_000731.jpg

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    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  2. ibslammin

    ibslammin Average member

    Sold! Great speaking with you! Can’t wait till they are delivered !
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