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  1. Caffiend

    Caffiend JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Great transaction with Flipnuoff, he was decisive and sincere in his interest in a group of knives I listed for sale and sent payment right away. Also confirmed receiving the shipment. Thanks again!
  2. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell locomotive disaster

    I forgot I was suppose to open a feedback link for you when you bought those other 2 knuckles from me. It went smoothly. He even somehow bought an item off Ebay from me. Forgot bonus item on lastctranaction but went back and sent it to him in a separate package. I'm glad this gentleman loves budget balis. If I'm not mistaken he bought my pinoy steel on Ebay too and my exile cultlery so I'm glad to have someone who likes knucks and likes budget balisong. I searched but couldnt find feedback so here it is.
    This was fir a purchase for the two knuckles.
  3. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell locomotive disaster

    2nd transaction was successful. This gentleman had said he would send the money right after work and I didn't even have to be notified by him. It just said there was in my pay pal account very smooth transaction. And once again I know I'm from eBay to he was very fast with payments compared to other people and I put require immediate pay and she probably is one of the few that did immediate pay periods so he got a bonus item since he loves his Knuckles. Nice knife roll. And a stainless jaguar that will last a long time and to other Bay lies that if you flip over carpet or something will last you a lifetime.
  4. Aaronb33

    Aaronb33 Little Member

    Excellent transaction- shipped immediately and arrived as shown. Totally trustworthy, would definitely do business again
  5. the swamp fox

    the swamp fox Enormous member

    Excellent transaction with Flipnuoff! As advertised, packaged well, and fast shipping! GTG!

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