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fiore knives of Italy

Mr.LaBella Sep 24, 2018

  1. spookyse7en

    spookyse7en Huge member

    I am going to invent a latchless latch system run on bearingless bearing system someday and charge people up the ass for it. Or think of some other way to make a buck. Kind of up in the air about it.
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  2. subtlemovement

    subtlemovement JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    I haven't found anything to be different about "pinsless" action. But I also don't really believe there's a difference between tang pin and zen pin action. In all three cases, the blade or handle extends 180 degrees, hits something, then bounces. Whether that's a tang pin, a zen pin, or the handle itself, in the pinsless case. The balance of the fiore is unique. And it comes extremely well-tuned. It feels like I'll never have to adjust it. I call it my lamborghini of balisongs.
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