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Finished O-Sa tactical mount tanto.

Galloglas Jul 13, 2007

  1. Galloglas

    Galloglas knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I finished one of my 5160 differentially heat treated tanto. To bring up as much of the goodies of the heat treat as I could the blade ended up getting a full blown polish and etch ( 3 full days...) and then the saya I made with the polished and waxed wood looked too nice for such a "dark" and tactical piece. So, I made a "Mall Ninja" saya for it as well.


    Handle is multipiece wood with epoxy, black lacquered rayskin, CA glue and potted paracord. Scabbards are multipiece construction of poplar and bass. The white saya with the wrapped mouth is polished and microcrystaline waxed and the paracord is potted and tied in fancy Japanese style knots. Black "Mall Ninja" saya is poplar and bass inlaid with lacquered rayskin and wrapped overall with the end mimicking the end of the tanto. The cord on the black saya is also potted/saturated with epoxy.


    The tanto in its muscle saya is pretty intimidating. Hard to get a picture of because of the black on black and my penchant for taking dark and dramatic photos instead of more proper promotion pictures.


    Thanks for looking! This is my first submission of my work to the JD forums and the first of this kind of weapon for me so please feel free to blast away with questions, critique, or comments. I needs the feedback youz guys..

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  2. G3

    G3 Brigade Member Brigade Member

    New kid bringing the skillz. Very nice. :chuck:

    Question: How much?
  3. CraftGeek

    CraftGeek On an extended synaptic sabbatical

    Absolutely beautiful!:devilzeek

    I haven't the skills to critique your work and suspect that if I did I would still have nothing negative to say.

    I do have a suggestion on the photography, though. I you want to keep a dark look but also want to show more detail of a dark piece. try using a dark background that will still allow edge definition. Like charcoal or deep brown leather or smoked glass. That will allow your camera to drink in more light from your piece.

    Then you could also side light it.

    I can't wait to see more of your fine work!

    On another note, Do you think there would be a market for a utility knife if this style that was sized to fit in a pocket?
  4. Galloglas

    Galloglas knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Thanks for the photography tips...I'll have to try a darker background and see if I can tune more light to the piece. There will be a lot more of these when I get the heat treat tuned a bit as they are a lot of fun (time consuming...) to make.

    When you ask about a market for a utility version that is pocket sized do you mean with *me* making them or for someone else who has the skills and desire? I'd think someone could tweak the idea by scaling down the blade and doing the potted paracord scabbard. My personal take on the little utility/pocket stuff is that folks would rather have a low maintenence blade of stainless (which would lose the hamon) and a cheaper, EDC price. My problem is making low priced stuff that I think is cool enough to be desireable hence my propensity to do full blown art daggers and swords that are designed to be used/can be used. I'm working on stuff that is lower priced and available but I'm striking out.

    This particular blade features a full, Japanese style sword polish which I rock bottom price at about $40 an inch on the swords I do. At 8" of blade length that makes the polish alone worth $320.:devilzeek

    G3, this one would go for about $800. Future tanto will have the black style wrapped saya or a glossy epoxy coat saya in various colors. Some of the up and coming tanto are actually shortie wakizashi with blades up to 13" long.

    Thanks for the kind suggestions and words!

  5. dfarmerknives

    dfarmerknives Tattoo Man says Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Damn, I want one......
  6. corwin99

    corwin99 Enormous member

    Those are some nice knives!
  7. TacoMan5000

    TacoMan5000 TacoDevilMan

    Not too shabby, newbie. Dig the avatar.:chuck:
  8. Rio

    Rio Como un angel JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman Brigade Member

    dig that hammon on the blade niceeeeee!!!:devilzeek :madaddy:
  9. Galloglas

    Galloglas knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    This is the first of a lot of 5160 blades from tanto to katana that feature hard edges and soft backs for that traditional feel and look that only a differentially hardened blade can provide. I have been on this track for like 10 years or so and have only recently managed to get serious "activity" in my temper lines using low alloy, 5160 steel.

    For the scary, macro version of the hamon and all the goodies you can look at some uber close shots that show alloy banding, utsuri, nie, nioi, and a lot of other Japanese words I can't pronounce. :madaddy:

    Check these if you dare....








    ...but only if you are on a broadband connection.

  10. Peter Lezard

    Peter Lezard Hobbit of Fortune

    /Drools on keyboard/

    Whoe...There is nothing "mall ninja" about that whole setup. I like it very much...:madaddy:
  11. mack1

    mack1 Resident Bastid

    Helluva first post!!! Gorgeous knife!:devilzeek :jdsmokin: :jdsmokin:

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